Dara + Balmain = TRUE LOVE

Okay, now that everyone has seen our girls concept photo for their Japanese promotions. A lot of people had been salivating over their gorgeousness and outfits. If you haven’t here it is:

One word: AMAZING

I love all their outfits and I think Dara rocks the biker chick concept likes no one’s business.

As you know, YG only dress his girls with the best (and the most expensive) that is why 2ne1’s outfits are mostly coming from Balmain. Yes, you heard it right BALMAIN, the uber expensive Parisian fashion powerhouse (you can probably feed a small nation for just one pants, I kid you not).

BALMAIN Silver Leather Biker Pants valued at 2700.00 €

BALMAIN Rouge Tie-Dye Punk Top valued at 1120 €

Source: http://www.balmain.com

6 Responses to “Dara + Balmain = TRUE LOVE”
  1. mischa says:

    omg, i super like her top also Bommie’s! gosh, our girls are so expensive and their outfit! shoot!

  2. bianca says:

    love her whole outfit, wonder if they’re wearing sneakers or heels on this photo! hope YG can released the whole photo of this!

  3. arzeemendoza says:

    I love the whole outfit on Dara and her hairstyle make her the winner! Gosh, I am excited for their Jap debut 🙂 Thank you!

  4. karkar says:

    so expensive!!!! they worth every € and more !!!

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