Dara’s furry beanie

Last October, Dara together with her Park Sister guested in Strong Heart where she let loose and made everyone cracked up with her antics.

Although, this is not my favorite Dara look ever but I have to give props to Dara for letting their stylists experiment on her. Dara is pretty brave when it comes to new and crazy style. She doesn’t care if the style looks unflattering sometimes and I love her for that.

This Furry Beannie is from Peter Jensen fall 2010 runway, the Peter Jensen Bernstock speirs knit turban with fur in grey cost $ 120.00. Sadly, it is out of stock the last time I checked.

8 Responses to “Dara’s furry beanie”
  1. divz2ne1 says:

    it went out of stock because of her…lol

  2. Mika says:

    I really love this beanie, want i too ;A;
    and i think it suits her 😉
    looks cute ^^

  3. bianca says:

    it just so unfair that if you let her wear some stuffs that are not even good for someone’s liking, it’s still looks good on her! this benie is kinda ugly for me, but seeing her wearing it, it looks good on her!

  4. arzeemendoza says:

    I am debating on whether to like the beannie or not, but what the heck! I think other artists will not try to wear the same outfit/ accessories for the fear of getting compared to her!

  5. itsjustMEandDARA says:

    whatever it is, dara rocks everything she wears….lol ^.^ anyways..dara’s watermelon bag (shown on 2ne1 tv) is also from peter jensen…

  6. bc says:

    her beanie was weird but as i got to see repeatedly her sh pix and how she glows (just like in the pix above), it grew on me. but can’t say the same w/ her shirt. definitely not flattering but i luv the color.

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