Finding Mr. Louboutin

Dara attended “Finding Mr. Destiny” movie premiere last November sporting another creation of Mr. Louboutin. She was extra gorgeous that night.

She dressed up really really well and everything about her was perfection that night ( I am a huge Dara fangirl so please don’t tell me to stop fangirling about her or it will be WWIII, trust me you don’t want that ).

The name of this sneaker is Rantus Orlato Women’s Flat sneaker from Christian Louboutin’s  Fall/Winter 2010 Collection and it cost $US 925.

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7 Responses to “Finding Mr. Louboutin”
  1. mischa says:

    she’s in love w/ CL(christian louboutin)! oh btw, can you also post the 1 she was wearing in INAG Version 1, where she was leaning in the wall w/ Taeyang infront of her, i like her shoes in that MV!

  2. nurulimani says:

    holla girl…aigoo…..just find this site..congrate for opening on this site! should made twitter acc! aigoo..kekek, just kidding…this site will be our 2nd home after ohdara wordpress! ^..^

  3. arzeemendoza says:

    …and just like a DJ, you actually take some REQUESTS! This blog is super cool!! I want to read more entries! 🙂

  4. jedinn28 says:

    hi.. do you know what is dara and gd shoe size?

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