At last! (I found the scarf)

I have been racking my brain for a couple of days now cause I can’t seem to find any item of clothing or accessory Dara was wearing in her new CF for Etude BB Cream.

By the way, I totally love the concept of the CF ( I was the first one to figure out how would the story goes from the stills provided before. Yey!) I love how Dara and Etude match. Borrowing my twitter friend’s line “DARA and ETUDE is a perfect match. Popularity is not the only guage. Believability is. Dara provides many angles like her personality that help advertisers and eventually consumers easily relate to the product.  Advertisers focus on a well known facet of the endorser that will help consumers have a bit of reality to latch into. For Dara, it’s her well-loved bright and sweet personality and her much envied flawless baby-looking skin. Sourcing for believable endorsers like Dara has become more of an art than a science. Can’t blame Etude for choosing her. Dara is a gem of a find. Where else can you find a vampire, a goddess, and a dork not wrapped in plastic?”

Here’s my favorite screencaps of the CF teaser.

Did you saw the sleeping girl? Love the rabbit/bunny iphone case

Jjangmae is just adorbs. Look for him at the back.

Dara. Dara. bright Dara.

In real life, if someone follows me wherever I go I will probably beat the crap out of that  person but in this one I find it funny. It’s actually brilliant that they used Dara’s manager since that’s what he does in real life.

So, as I was browsing some fashion sites I saw an awfully familiar scarf. Dara was wearing it all throughout the CF teaser.

So here’s the scarf

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Polka Dot Neck Tie Black worth €180

I promise that I will update you guys once I found more Dara goodies from this CF.

Screen caps are all from + myself (I edited those pics)

11 Responses to “At last! (I found the scarf)”
  1. disky says:

    wow!!! nice find!!!

  2. mischa says:

    Omg, you’re such a ninja! All Dara’s stans are ninja’s! Girl, keep up the good work, I’m loving this site even more! ^.^

  3. Meishiiiiii♥ says:

    I love this site!! ^^ keke Dara’s accesories, clothes, etc. are really insteresting so..thanks for this!!^^

  4. contessa says:

    first time posting here and i would like to say this, truly you are dara’s number one fangirl!

  5. bianca says:

    love the scarf, she just put it just like that! such a cutie! 🙂

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