UPDATED: Dara’s Pierre Hardy Collections

Okay! Sorry for not being able to post more Dara fashion goodies and I do have a very good reason for that. I don’t want to post those goodies that have been posted in other fashion sites that features Dara cause that’s redundant. Therefore, I made a decision that I would only post new Dara fashion goodies from now on. I will also post hard to find Dara fashion goodies, also complete ensembles just like the one I did for her MELON OUTFIT and I compilation of her shoes/accessories,  just like this one that I am posting now.

Dara’s style is on the boyish side. We rarely get to see her wear girly/sexy clothes (I really appreciate it though cause when she does it totally takes our breath away). Since she likes to dress up like a guy, most of the time we see her sporting sneakers. As I have previously posted Dara loves her Loubs. However, there is another brand that she loves and that is Pierre Hardy.

But who is Pierre Hardy? For the uninformed (like me) Pierre Hardy was born and raised in Paris. He studied dance while completing a degree in fine arts from the Ecole Normale Supérieure and joins his first professionnal dance company upon graduation. He started working as an illustrator for magazines such as Vanity Fair Italy & Vogue Hommes International. He first designed women shoe collections for CHRISTIAN DIOR and from there on he became one of the most successful shoe designer (and he lived happily ever after =P).

So, without further a do. Here’s Dara’s Pierre Hardy collections:


Dara was first seen wearing Pierre Hardy in their very funky  “Try to follow Me” Music Video.

Dara looks so boss in this pic. Love the PLEASE DON’T GO TEAM too, they are so adorable (that’s CL and Minji btw).

Pierre Hardy 106 Sft Mat Clf Black by Pierre Hardy

Next, she was seen wearing Pierre Hardy in her me2 when they went to Japan.

Pierre Hardy Spring/Summer 2010

She posted another me2day update wearing this shoes while 2ne1 girls were enjoying Universal Studios (you gotta love Dara’s bad ass pose)

Pierre Hardy Colorama Sneakers

Lastly, she was seen with this baby last January when she had her “secret” vacation in the Philippines. This is Pierre Hardy’s Seventh Limited-Edition Sneaker. It’s so limited that only 500 people own this in the whole wide world.

Pierre Hardy’s Seventh Limited-Edition Blockorama Sneaker $575

Most of these items are already sold out. Thus, I don’t have prices for most of them.


Last November, Dara proudly showed off her members presents to her on her birthday (that included this Pierre Hardy sneakers).  Not really sure who gave this sneakers to her but I love their bond and yes her members knows her too well. Thanks to anonymous for making this.

Pierre Hardy Fall/Winter 2010 Collection “Black Cube” worth $600

This particular sneaker is from the Pierre Hardy Fall/Winter 2010 Collection, the “Black Cube” high top trainer. The sneaker comes in a black/midnight blue/grey colorway with gold accents, white outersole and ankle strap.

I love this one. This particular sneaker is so Dara. How bout you guys, what do you think?

13 Responses to “UPDATED: Dara’s Pierre Hardy Collections”
  1. mischa says:

    Bommie also has that colomara sneakers! And yes, she really loves dressing in boyish style!
    I love these shoes!

  2. mischa says:

    I mean colorama! ^.^

  3. zee unnie says:

    Cool blog you have here! I’m always curious as to what labels/designers Dara and the rest of the 2ne1 girls wear… Thanks for the effort in finding and posting this up… Love it! Love this girl eversince her 1st wave back in the Phils…

    P.S. Followed you in twitter & bookmarked this page already…kudos!

  4. disky says:

    love it!!

  5. hyuwhieyl says:

    aww you’re not going to post those that were already posted from other sites ? 😦 i was hoping this is a one-stop-shop for everything of what dara wore. anyways, thanks again for this site!

    I wonder how they get hold of these sneakers, where they buy them, who buys what, did the stylist buy it for them? do they shop for themselves? lol

  6. theresa says:

    Hi!It looks like GD and DARA gave the same brand of shoes kekekekeke they are like real couples….DARAGON might be real gogogogogogo thank for this info more power!!!

  7. bianca says:

    awww, she has the same shoes as CL (the black pierre Hardy)
    then she has same as Bom’s (Colorama)
    but the other 2, i think she’s the only 1 who has that!

  8. Chi says:

    OMG really i just bought the Pierre Hardy’s Seventh Limited-Edition Blockorama Sneaker today !!!

    Lucky me !!!

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