[RUMOR] Sandara Park’s Baby!

NOTE: I am not talking about her lovelife.

We Dara fans know that Dara is a car junkie. She likes driving, she has an International Driving License and she can’t park properly (2ne1TV Season 2, when they were in LA). It actually puzzles me  that Dara can handle  big and mean machines but can’t get near dogs and horses (that’s another story though).

So, rumor has it that Dara owns a sick ride. When I say sick it’s really sick, I am not kidding you. This actually is not new to me since  Dara stans (like me) overthinks a lot when it comes to Dara. What made me say that she owns a new ride? Let me give you proofs.

PROOF NO.1 : Bom’s me2day

Last January 15th, Bom together with Goddess D attended her sister’s concert (Bom’s sister is a famous cellist). She updated her me2 with a picture of Dara driving.

Dalong is really excited? kekekeke Dara drove when we went to go see my unnie’s recital |~~o(^▽^)o (Posting this because she looked so excited) kekeke

Okay, maybe Dara is driving their company van when they attended the concert. However, there were some fan accounts saying that Dara was driving a white car that time (again this is just a rumor, nothing concrete).

PROOF NO.2 : Se7en’s tweet to Thunder

On the 16th of January, Se7en and Thunder were tweeting each other but what caught my attention is this tweet

@MBLAQCD Yap!! Anytime!! Come over~ let’s eat!!! Your sister has been very excited these days!! Vroom vroom^^ do well in promotions!! Be a big hit!!!

Yes, these proofs may not be that solid. However, if you connect you would know that DARA, EXCITED, VROOM VROOM!, DRIVING makes a lot of sense (to me at least, not sure about you).

Now, you might ask me why I am posting this right? (I am doing this just for kicks. Kidding!) Someone snapped Dara leaving on the last day of the Big Show 2011 concert driving this bad boy.

You want proof? Here it is

According to fan accounts, Dara was the one driving the car with an unidentified passenger.  Bom also attended the last day of the Big Show but she left using the YG van.

Click here for the original post: http://plixi.com/p/81057746 Thanks to @snazzybaz in twitter. Hope you don’t mind. =)

The car is 2011 Range Rover Sport in Fuji White

To know more about the car please visit:  http://www.landrover.com/us/en/rr/range-rover-sport/

I am not certain if she owns the car but I think she does. Also, I don’t know if she owns the HSE or the HSE LUX version of the car. There isn’t much difference from the outside between the two.

If this is really Dara’s new baby, all I can say is that she has some great taste and this btw is a kick ass SUV. I personally think that this car suits Dara, I know she’s tiny but man Dara is a kick ass girl. She may look fragile but inside that tiny body is a heart that can endure every obstacles (I sound like the PR Officer of Land Rover).

So what do you think guys? Thoughts and opinions are very much appreciated.

P.S. I didn’t do the translation of the me2day and twitter updates. Credit goes to those who translated them. Thank you!

22 Responses to “[RUMOR] Sandara Park’s Baby!”
  1. lei_09 says:

    when you tweeted awhile ago about this, i also checked the specs of the car..
    really nice and quite expensive..

    really hope that she’ll update her me2day and say something about her new baby 🙂

  2. mischa says:

    Omg, I LOVE that car! Dara really knows what to buy, dude that car is mostly for guys only! She’s really something, and I really love this blog!
    Girl, you’re the coolest!

  3. zee unnie says:

    I was really thinking that she got new wheels too… Aside from the whole appler family that is… Lol. Anyhoo, I could actually picture Dara driving this SUV…back in the Phils. she drove a Honda CRV if my memory serves me right…

    Thanks again for this blog! 2 thumbs up!

  4. DIGI says:

    if she does own this car… welll… nice dara two thumbs up!!!

  5. MadamViVi says:

    Tsk tsp this means time to work harder if I want the same car, eke! Nice article, thanks!

  6. BJ says:

    I have never been a fan of cars but I’m totally loving this one!! Looks sick!!!

  7. itsjustme says:

    hey,found dara’s top on this pic http://ohdara.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/2466426271.jpg?w=500 it’s Markus Lupfer Laughing Lip Polly Jumper, http://www.garmentquarter.com/womenswear/womens-tops.html?dir=desc&mode=list&order=price can’t find the white one though…. and her footwear (same as the other members) is from maison martin margiela maison martin margiela sandal/boots, $641, at farfetch.com http://65hearts.blogspot.com/2009/04/you-know-youre-fashion-nerd-when.html http://shoefetishcorner.blogspot.com/2009/11/maison-martin-margiela-shoes.html

  8. doongdoong says:

    nice post..
    and yeah, dara crazy driving.
    and I love how dara taste ^^

  9. rin says:

    dara is totally a bad girl LOL ( in a good way)
    she is sooo cooolllll
    she will driving with such a nice pose i think kkk
    nice car daraaaa

  10. clkp says:

    Wow, if thats her car then YG is paying her well, Range Rovers are really expensive.

  11. bianca says:

    omg, this car is so badass! i think she does own this, there’s no way that others are letting her drive their car, i know she drives carefully, but if i’m the owner of this Range Rover i’m not going to let her drive it! so i assume Dalong really owns this, and she does have a taste! hope we can see her in BBTV driving her baby! our Dara sure is super rich now!

  12. disky says:

    seems like dara is the sporty type of girl…

  13. pam31 says:

    I think she really owns this car. We all know that Dara’s taste tends to gravitate toward “for male” stuff — may it be in fashion or music. — so, I guess, she’s really someone who’ll pick a large SUV car like this. A strong car for a strong Dara 🙂

  14. Gia says:

    looks like the one in the Hello performance Screen~ lol…. the white car beside the wedding cake~ ^^

  15. kimmykimkim says:

    In Dara’s recent me2day update, she was driving a white car while listening to lonely.
    I think the is the same SUV stated above! hehe check it out:

    • nenmaroon says:

      oh yeah,,,, i think it it the same car,,,, saw the little black circle in the beginning? ehehe

  16. iamporshie says:

    Wow! her car is a 2011 RANGE ROVER SPORT SUPERCHARGED?!
    That’s quite an expensive car! It costs around $75,395 – $95,135..

  17. mayo says:

    its not a rumor anymore. Its confirmed watch the 2NE1 TV season 3

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