Picture Perfect Dara!

Another rumor has been circulating that Dara together with the whole YG Family will be endorsing NIKON. Photos of 2ne1 looking stylish and lovely were released last February. In these pictures, you see the girls having fun with their cameras.

Check out these adorable stills:

First, I want to Thank their stylist because the girls were just plain stunning. Second, I love seeing 2ne1 in their normal clothes. Not that I don’t like their performance clothes, but them wearing something that we girls can wear in our everyday lives is just refreshing and relatable.

I love seeing Daras laugh and in these pics you would really see that she was enjoying herself. I love her whole ensemble. it’s bright (just like her personality) and love the pastels. The shirt is very peculiar (love the blue laughing mouth), very 2ne1 style. It’s from Markus Lupfer, whose highly acclaimed designs deliver a fresh, unique approach to everyday basics.

Markus Lupfer Laughing Lip Polly Jumper worth £260.00 (I wasn’t able to find the white one, I don’t think that it is available anywhere)

Maison Martin Margiela Spring/Sumer 2008 collection Covered Heel Wedge Booties worth $641 sold-out already (Can’t find the yellow version since this was released in Spring/Summer 2008)

The girls are all wearing Maison Martin Margiela Covered Heel Wedge Booties. However, if you noticed the booties have 2 different styles (Bom and Cl’s have a slimmer strap while Dara and Minji’s wedge have thicker strap) because Maison Martin Margiela released different designs for this particular item.

Next item is her jeans, for this one, can I just say that I am not 100% sure about the item (I am about 80% sure though) but I am posting this to complete the whole look (I will delete the jeans part if proven that it is from a different brand). I love the jeans, it’s just that I think it’s one size bigger than her size (to accommodate the other girls since they share clothes sometimes). I just hope that their stylist would stop doing that though because it looks unflattering sometimes.

Cheap Monday The Zip Low Jean in Phat Scraping Lilac, Denim for Women worth $65

Thanks to itsjustme for the tip. Keep the tips and the comments coming guys! Follow me in twitter @sandara_fashion Thank you all.

11 Responses to “Picture Perfect Dara!”
  1. jangy says:

    wow. expensive ! but they’re worth it ^^

  2. Thanks! Welcome to this blog.

  3. disky says:

    cool…nice find!!! kudos!!!

  4. Sami says:

    I love the shirt so much!

  5. bianca says:

    love this site, just found this site today! you’re awesome, imma lurk here everyday! 🙂
    woot woot!

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