Sandara is more than just a Pretty Young thing

2 months before 2ne1’s comeback late last year they appeared in Vogue Girl Korea . The girls were able to show us their feminine side. What I truly appreciate about this spread was that eventhough they don feminine clothes they were able to maintain their fierce/feisty image (no cotton candy & pixie dust for 2ne1 yipeeee!).  This spread didn’t need pastels to look feminine and soft, they concentrated on black and nude colors plus the accessories are still very 2ne1-ish.

Among all of the photo shoots they did, this is by far the most gorgeous pics they took. This is the best Dara hair ever (INAG days), she looked super extra stunning in this hair (she always looks stunning).

Let me start with my most favorite photo in the said spread:

I love the whole look. I love how the corset accentuated Dara’s curves. The blouse was a perfect addition, it made the outfit classy and sophisticated.

Jasmine di Milo spring 2010 ready-to-wear Cream Leather Half Corset

Cheap Monday Women’s Fanny Blouse (almost black) $48

Next, Dara exuded subtle sexiness in this one.

Love her eyes!!! I love the fact that Dara is a total chameleon. She doesn’t take a bad photo because she knows how to work her angles (watch OhMyGoddess Dara fancam and you will know what I am trying to convey).

From Left to Right:

Mark Fast Dress with Fringed Skirt worth £1,595.00

Strappy Pleaser Stilleto

Skinny Hip Belt with flat Silver Stud by Linea Pelle worth $120.00

Love the girl. Thus, she can do no wrong in my eyes but for this particular dress it was kinda off to be honest since it showed how skinny Dara is. I think if their stylist just did a little tweaking in the arm area then it would be perfect.

HELMUT LANG Lace-sleeve jersey mini-dress worth $425

Just want to let this out that I am a  slight Obsessive Compulsive. Thus, it is really bothering me that I can’t find this outfit.

If any of you guys have an information about this whole ensemble please do not hesitate to inform me, whether it be on twitter @sandara_fashion or you can comment below. Thanks guys!

NOTE: All photos were edited by yours truly.

23 Responses to “Sandara is more than just a Pretty Young thing”
  1. 2ne1shabam says:

    I LOVE ALL OF IT ^_^

  2. lei_09 says:

    i really love these pictures..
    i totally agree with what you’ve said here except the one you’ve said with the third picture..haha
    but for me, it is just perfect.. i find it so sexy..and love those eyes 🙂 perfect!!

    thanks for exerting effort in finding her stuff…
    looking forward for further finds..
    dara stans are indeed jjang!! 😀

    love love dara yah 🙂

  3. arzeemendoza says:

    I just found out about your blog, and I LOVE IT ALREADY!!! I will be one of your daily visitors! Gosh, I truly adore Dara! 🙂 She the IT girl! No, not because of the ATTITUDE (problem) but maybe because of her humility despite her greatness, her eccentric fashion (she’s not trying so hard), and for her genuineness! She’s real, and it emanates from the photos, videos and performances! She just keeps getting better and better each day!

    I love the fact that you introduce the line/ brand before you actually showcase the item. I am not fashion aficionado, but by following Dara and 2NE1 (and BB/ YG Family) I am now familiar with certain brands, though I think it would be years before I can afford it (and even if I do already, I will be hesitant to buy the stuff… myabe the cheapest will do?! Gosh!)

    THANK YOU!!! 🙂

    • Awww…Thanks and welcome to this blog. Yeah we can only afford the cheapest items Dara have for now. So we must work hard if we want to own these stuff.

      • arzeemendoza says:

        Yes, but like I said, I might hesitate to buy one if I finally have the money… I guess I should just spend it on their CDs and other stuff, and just be contented on looking at Dara (more like staking! and I am a girl!!! a major fangirl now) being her gorgeous self!

      • arzeemendoza says:

        I hope your blog can be linked to OH DARA! so that other Dara Stans (which I finally understood because of your entry) can read your cool entries!

      • They actually tweeted this entry, so if you follow them you will know of this post. Thanks @ohdara and @welovedara too for supporting! Dara stans unite!!!

    • lei_09 says:

      agree2!!! 🙂

  4. jangy says:

    wow, great article ^^

  5. BlackjackBelle says:

    LMAO unnie! OC Dara fans for the effing win! ❤

    I love all her outfits here, but you're right, the third outfit kinda showed how skinny she is. XD

    Hmmm. The last outfit is a bit hard, neh? Since we can't really see the details clearly, and all we know is that the outfit is black. LMAO! ❤

    Thanks for this blog! I love it to bits and pieces! ❤

  6. badj says:

    Wow! Nice article ^^
    You have the link of the vid you mentioned?:)

  7. sivvie says:

    THIS IS SO COOL! studying and being a critic of fashion is really hard. I lost hope tot hat. but wow you put the words that i can’t get out from my own mouth. thanks! splendid!

  8. mischa says:

    I love all of her wardrobe in every photoshoot, but my most favorite are NUMERO and this! Dara poses professionally in every photoshoot, such a pro! And I super agree w/ Bom, Dara’s eyes are all-kill!

  9. nurulimani says:

    really love the second pics with that killer Strappy Pleaser Stilleto…i wanna see her with 1st with that corset only…wow…kekeke….^..^, for the last pics, even that blouse look so big on her, but, she really stunning in that dress…yah, with her face, everything she wore,look really perfect!

  10. sillyhearts says:

    I absolutely love all the clothes Dara wore in this photoshoot!
    especially the first one, she looks soo classy and sexy in every picture,,and those fit her perfectly~

  11. sojuprincess08 says:

    this is my fave 2ne1 photoshoot,,particularly dara’s.. it’s very rare for me to see a girly dara so this one’s precious to my heart lol plus all the dresses that she wore here are fab and glam (although she does look fab and glab allllllllll thet time 24/7 lol),, my favorite out of the four is the first pic with the corset,,i dunno she just look extra gorge in the pic ~love love it! and i like the helmut lang dress too,,i saw that dress when my mom and i went shopping last year and i really spazzed out (haha) when i saw it and my mom was like looking at me with a raised brow,, then i told her that i want that dress because Dara wore it in her vogue photoshoot,,like i literally pulled it out of the rack and embraced it in my arms like a total fangirl,,i was really tempted to buy it but my mom almost strangled me that day so i just gave up haha,,but anyways vogue photoshoot is jjang,,i wish they will do another spread this year!! thanks again for sharing this….. :))))

  12. bc says:

    really luv her look her, especially her hair & eye makeup. wish she could look & be dressed up like that in some award or talk shows. but since 2ne1 has an image that’s not ultra feminine, it’s something i can’t expect to happen soon.

  13. OhMyDara! says:

    Oh my she’s really a Goddess… I really LOVE DARA…. and it’s TRUE she isn’t just a pretty young thing… for me she’s more than that she’s an inspiration for me to strive hard, continue life and most of all be happy… thanks for making me smile Dara…

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