Airport Fashionista Dara

Yipeee!!!! Woot! Woot! 2ne1 is currently in Japan to formally start their Japanese promotions. The girls arrived in Japan at around 2PM and  my oh my Dara looked so chic. Goddess D after arriving in Japan updated her me2day posing like this

“Wassup?!? ^.^ We’ve arrived in Japan! Darong’s airport fashion concept for today is “big city woman”! Ke Chic and fresh woman = big city woman ke! Simple and chic outfits, with some bling-bling, put on some syuk-syuk (I think she’s referring to make-up, or mascara), and phase three is the apple head, that completes the cute transformation! We hope to plant sweet first impressions for 2NE1! Fighting! ^_^”

Credit goes to my chingu knucklepink@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara (Hey Belle are we friends? Peace!)

I am floored with the whole ensemble, like seriously. She’s PERFECTION from head to toe. She was able to convey effortlessly the “big city woman” concept.  Yay! I am sure that Dara made a great impression to their Japanese fans.

Okay! I am going to stop spazzing now and let’s get this party started.


Let’s start with her WHITE LEATHER JACKET. Unfortunately, I cannot find the white version of the said jacket. I have a theory that the one Dara wore was not yet officially released. I cannot find any articles about Balenciaga releasing a white version of their BIKER JACKET TT662/BIKER JACKET TS985 lines (where does Dara get these stuff?). Since the WHITE VERSION is not yet available, let me present to you the available colors of the  BALENCIAGA BIKER JACKET TT662/BIKER JACKET TS985.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Beige, Dark Brown

Khaki and Havanna

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT:  Black, Stardust Black

Stardust Silver, Stardust Bronze

BIKER JACKET TT662/BIKER JACKET TS985 worth $2,595.00



So, this is not the first time that Dara wore this pants. This is one of her absolute faves. She wore this about 4 times now but still Dara never fails to amaze me, every single time.



I already posted about this shoes. Please click the link for more information.

Christian Louboutin’s 2010 Spring/Summer Collections, named Louis Spiked Flat in Beige worth US$ 1095


I am officially envious of Dara now. The bag that she owns has been on my LUST LIST since it came out. I love you Dara but if you give me this bag, I promise to be your slave for eternity.


There you go folks! I think I covered almost everything except for her SUNNIES and belt, I have no clear picture of it so it is really hard to find.


Thanks to itsjustme for the tip. You are jjang!


NOTE: Please credit me properly, if you decide to post this in your blogs. I have spent considerable amount of time, finding these items. Thus, I will not take it easily if you use my finds and claim it as your own. People would know where did you get those stuff since I posted earlier than you so please do not even think about it. “RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT”


35 Responses to “Airport Fashionista Dara”
  1. disky says:

    o my gha!!!!! so expensive!!! worthy of a fashionista title!!!

    • lei_09 says:

      agree2..waah, soo expensive..
      dara you’re soooo rich!!! 0_o

      really got to spend hundred of thousands for just 1 outfit..waaah!!!!

      dara goodluck on your Japanese debut..Fighting!!!

      PS keep up the good job. thank you for this miss sandaraparkfashion 🙂 ^_^

  2. xandeelicious says:

    aaah so expensive! and i want those! gaash when can i have one of those Christian Louboutin sneaks? and the jacket T_T daaarn. and her bag! i really really reeeaaaally love it. must find one the same as that one around here. i’ll just find some imitations. keke~ i can’t affort it.

    love Dara’s fashion. tees + hoodies/jacket + jeans + sneaks = love love love ♥

    we enjoy following Dara’s fashion so thank you, Dara blogger! :)))

  3. 2ne1shabam says:

    shoot i need to rob a bank now!!! whose with me? XD

  4. kim says:

    wow!!tour fast!!tnx for the update…i love her bag too…

  5. sillyhearts says:

    Fashionista Santokki!!
    Love her style from head to toe.. 😛
    Gahh!! why does it have to be soo expensive! LOL!
    Dara pulls off any look soo well..
    Thank you for this!
    🙂 <333!!

  6. Jomi25 says:

    COOL! I was also completely blown away with her outfit when I saw the pic on tumblr. Soooo freakin’ chic and stylish, and sexy! I love it! And I lovelovelove the shoes and jacket!!!! BUT OMG! The price! *faints* Good for you, Dara-unnie, for being able to wear such luxurious and stylish clothes and rocking them like no other can! :DDD

    Thanks for putting up this blog! I enjoy reading the entries! Keep it up! ^_^

  7. hyuwhieyl says:

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE THE BAG! deng, her whole ensemble is so freaking expensive!!!!

  8. balsy says:

    wow, your fast. thank you for creating this site.
    i love it! any website with dara on it, is just pure love for me.

  9. BlackjackBelle says:

    WEE UNNIE! Of course you’re my chingu! Thanks for the shoutout! ❤ ILY!!! ❤

    And wah aigoo! Dara's airport fashion is sooo expensive! And wahhh soooo pretty! I love the jacket. T_T Dara please give me one. Haha! ❤

    The shoes are the same ones in her other me2day update right? ^^

    Thanks for the shoutout again unnie! ❤

  10. theresa says:

    omg!I think this jacket was same to G-dragon jacket in gara gara go mv the only difference was the GD white jacket have green letters of word big bang…I am right? please check this and this mv

  11. rin says:

    soooo in love with her bag >.<
    i want oneeee

    ohmy dara walking everywhere with approximately $6000 on her body…
    YG stylish really know how to spend papa YG's moneyyy the outfit is superbbb

    • From what I know 2ne1 does wear like 80% of their own clothes whether it be performing or real life.

      • rin says:

        whuoo reallyy???? i’m pretty confuse that i saw when they were packing their luggage to LA they like having all of branded stuff in their house..i guess i understand now,
        the girls seriously rich..

        all i know Dara has her own collection of shoes..kkk..

  12. mydearsofie says:

    dara is sooo high fashion! i could buy a car with that money!!! i’m happy with all her success, she deserve it

  13. arzee says:

    Yahoo for the new entry!!! I love her airport fashion… she opted to wear sneakers while the rest of the girls wore high hills… oh well, she can pull it off anyway 🙂 I think you can see a clearer version of the sunglasses in her recent me2day.

  14. mishee says:

    ive been a regular silent lurker here hehehhe but awesome blog please keep it up and more color on ur site please hehehhee…..

  15. BJ says:

    I want to be Dara!!!!!!!! I love love her fashion style!!

  16. sojuprincess08 says:

    i love the chic look,,when i saw their pictures at the airport i was like ‘wow so everyone is like so glammed-up with those girly heels (don’t get me wrong i soooo love all their outfits)’ and then when I saw Dara’s outfit i just broke into a wider smile,,it was like a refreshing way to break the norms (haha weird opinion),, I am so glad that she still never fails to prove that comfort and fashion can coexist ^.^ the whole ensemble is <3,,i particularly love the biker jacket and the givenchy bag,, i like the louboutin too but i'm more of the 'high heels' kind of girl and Dara is the only person in the entire universe that made me bought high top sneakers (that has been in my closet collecting dusts lol) ..anyways imma shut up now,,i love this blog soo much!haha

  17. zee unnie says:

    Such a pricey ensemble Dara-yah! But you are worth every won/$/euro! I just love how she stood out among the girls, wearing white and sneakers…lol.

    Just love love this site!

    P.S. – Hmmm…GIVENCHY bag huh?! A certain somebody…coughGDcough mentioned before about liking that brand…correct me if it was another brand… ;p

  18. tricia says:

    Just like you I write fashion articles and honestly you saved my life. lol! It’s actually been weeks since the time I decided hunt the brand of Dara’s Jacket, though the jacket I’m talking about is a bit different (the black leather jacket that she usually wear, we usually see it on her mitu updates — but then this might lead to the jacket that I’m looking for. I’ve been searching numerous fashion brand site/store from KTZ, Balmain (present & past collections), Karmaloop, Alexander Wang and some others. If it’s fine with you do you know the brand of jacket that Dara wore during BigBang’s concert.

    I’ll prolly credit you If I’ll add Dara’s ensemble to my article

  19. annrie says:


  20. fordrior says:

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