Dara is like a boy

Wassup! First, I want to apologize that I wasn’t able to update this blog yesterday. I have a really good reason for that and that is I have to prepare since I had an exam yesterday. Eventhough I am a CRAZY FANGIRL, school is still my first priority.

Now, majority of the time (and if she had it her way) Dara dresses up like a boy. By dressing up like a boy, she gravitates towards  Hoodies, Jackets, Sweats and everything in between. I decided that I’ll do a compilation of all Dara  Hoodies, Jackets, Sweats and everything in between. I will need your help on this one though since it would be crazy to post all of it in one go. I will only feature my TOP 10 Favorite. All you need to do is give me a link of that clothing item in the comments section below. If you can give me the name of the item and a picture of Dara wearing it, much better. I will update this blog post once a new item has been found.

So, without further a do. Let’s get the ball rollin (DRUMROLL PLS)

TOP 10


When I say hoodies, I mean hoodies. She has around 5 or 6 chrome hearts hoodies already. I think Dara has it in different colors (you gotta love Sandara’s ahjumma-ness)


Adidas Jeremy Scott Angel Wing Hoodie

Dara is unconventional. Thus, she is drawn to unconventional fashion just like Jeremy Scott’s designs. Sandara updated her me2 facing the wall and forming a heart sign wearing this hoodie. So cute! (yes, that’s really Dara)


Star Wars Superstar Track Top Darth Vader

This adorable dork transformed into DARA VADER in their Try to follow me MV. The Star Wars Superstar Track Top Darth Vader helped her get into that character (not really). Gotta love the scene where she was shooting the two storm troopers and in the process hitting the ceiling too. Dork! dork! dork!


Human Potential Clown Hoodie

Our Goddess looked funny in this ensemble. She wore it together with a matching pants when she visited the dentist (she had her wisdom tooth extracted).

Of course her hubby Chaerin was with her that time to support her.


KTZ T.W.T.C. Stadium Jacket

For some weird reason, I love it when Dara wears oversize clothing items. Look at the design, scary and feisty (gotta love Dara’s randomness).



YG Fambam is a big KOKON TO ZAI fans. Thus, Dara owns a lot of them. I love this jacket, whats weird though is that even if it’s clearly for men it fits her perfectly well.


Adidas Jeremy Scott First Star Track Top

Surprise! Surprise! Another Jeremy Scott on the list (not really). 2ne1 are friends with Jeremy Scott, so it comes to no surprise that they own almost everything that this guy designs. I think this is one of Dara’s personal favorite. Her brother wears one too and not only that she picked up this item when they went shopping in London when she already had this (watch 2ne1TV Season 2 for reference).

Top 3


Okay so this is kinda cheating cause I already posted this item, but I can’t help it since she looks extra good looking like a boy in this one. Please forgive me.


Rick Owens’ Cord and Blistered Leather Biker Coat

For this one, I am posting this just because I love it when Dara wears leather (although she is far from looking like a boy). Enough said. So GORGEOUS!


Swagger X Alpha MA1

Who in their right mind would get caught wearing this whole outfit in the airport? Yes, no other than our Goddess (although the right mind part I am not to sure). I love that she’s a risk taker. I mean some people would think that this is a nightmare but not Sandara because she is comfortable in her own skin. I probably would not wear the jacket personally since it doesn’t suit me but I love this because it’s so Dara.

COMMENTS AND TIPS ARE HIGLY APPRECIATED. Thanks guys!!!!!! Love! Love! Love!

NOTE: The title of the post of is from Ciara’s song entitled “Like A Boy”.

24 Responses to “Dara is like a boy”
  1. GDiDiah says:

    Dara dress up like a boy. I love her!
    No. 2 is the best for me.
    Thanks for posing…

  2. Akikisetsu says:

    thanks again! I really enjoy reading your post, keep ’em coming. 😉

  3. GDara says:

    My fave is #5.. She looks in everything she wears but that one looks extra vibrant to her awesomeness personality! dara is a fcking bamf!

  4. mischa says:

    Omg, just noticed that Dara dress just like GD! Sorry, I just noticed it now and I have to say it! While seeing each photos, I was like this 1 is GD’s style, this 1 too, until in the last photo! Am I the only who noticed that?

  5. disky says:

    cute finds!!!!

  6. rin says:

    dara the fashionistaaa !!!
    i superr like the clothes she was wearing to the dentist.. she isss so cool and pretty wearing matching pants as well and not forget the eyewear LOL

  7. arzee says:

    waaaahhhh!!! YOU UPDATED!!! I checked yesterday and there was no new entry, but today, viola! I replied on your comment at OH DARA! re: Dara’s new airport fashion in Jap.

    I love how Dara can pull off any outfit, like being a boy! Some commented regarding how Dara’s style is like GD’s style… I agree! Well, I think they compliment each other in a sense that Jiyong wears clothes even they are for women, while Dara can pull of a boy/man’s clothes! How cool is that? hahaha!

    I’ll look forward for your new entries… and I hope your exam went well 🙂

  8. 2ne1shabam says:


  9. issahgannee says:

    2ne1’s wardrobes are for boys while Big bang’s are for girl.. ahahah.. LOVE THEM!!

  10. itsjustme says:

    hello again…on dara’s latest me2 airport pic http://me2day.phinf.naver.net/20110309_226/21dara_1299652894337CRDhu_JPEG/21dara_1299652893_88653.jpg … the skinny denim she’s sporting is from balmain(whew,she has lots of balmain pants…lol) …about the white leather jacket,i’m not 100% sure,lol..but it really looks like a balenciaga leather jacket,though i really can’t find the white one,,,so yeah, you can check it out here –> http://inmyparadigm.blogspot.com/2009/07/balenciaga-leather-jacket.html i’m really not sure on this so i’m gonna say i’m sorry in advance if ever i’m wrong..lol and yeah,the shoes (louboutin sneakers) she’s wearing has been introduced on this site…

  11. nurulimani says:

    no 2 & 3 are the best! she really suit well in boys clothes! kekek…so cute!

  12. sojuprincess08 says:

    been visiting your blog since i saw someone post it in twitter 🙂 and i gotta say that you are doing one heck of a great job ^.^ i love fashion and i love dara so this blog is just pure awesomeness for me!.. i’ll visit this site frequently 🙂

  13. i LOVE the star wars ahhahaha

  14. Daragon says:

    Top 3-top 1 clothes belongs to gdragon! Hahaha they were sharing clothes.. 💕

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