Sandara is Gorgeous from head to toe

Hey y’all! I think my apologies would not be enough for being MIA for the last 4 days (wow! that long huh). I already tweeted about this and if you are my follower (shameless promotion PLS FOLLOW @sandara_fashion or if you are to lazy to type it just click the blue box that has the twitter logo in it on the upper right corner cause that blue box will lead you to my twitter) you knew what was my reason.

So for those who don’t follow me (I am judging you! kidding) the reason for my absence is because I was not comfortable spazzing how gorgeous Dara looked wearing all those fashion goodies or how expensive it is, knowing that Dara went through hell in Japan. Hopefully, you all understand that. Thanks!

I am a huge fan of Dara. Thus, I love her from head to toe and I love everyone who loves, likes, respects and adores Dara (you don’t need to be a crazy Dara stan for me to like you, your respect for Dara is enough). This girl whom I am about to introduced to you is one of my favorite make-up gurus ever. I like her mainly for three reasons. First, she does Sandara Park inspired make up tutorials. Next, Dara is her favorite 2ne1 member. Lastly, she is one of the more relatable/genuine make up gurus out there.

Her name is Jen, she is Korean but I think she grew up in the US. She’s also an 84’er like me and Dara. She’s already married. She’s really cute. And most of all, she resembles Dara a little bit. I know most of you guys have seen her videos already but I am posting this because I truly like her and she does make really good quality make up tutorial videos.

So without further a do. Check out Jen’s Sandara Park inspired make up tutorial videos below:

2NE1 Try To Follow Me Sandara Inspired Rainbow Eyes Tutorial

2ne1 “Clap Your Hands” 박수쳐 Sandara Inspired Tutorial

Btw, I will be laying low for 2 more weeks since finals is coming up. I don’t know when I will be able to update again but just look out for it okay. Thanks and again comments and tips are very much appreciated. SPREAD THE DARA LOVE!

7 Responses to “Sandara is Gorgeous from head to toe”
  1. rin says:

    she is pretty too 😀 just like daraaaa ❤

  2. rin says:

    kk i always open this site kkk
    keep your hardwork
    thx for posting all of those stuff ^^

  3. Jomi25 says:

    I’ve watched her Dara makeup videos before and it amazes me how she looks so much like Dara-unnie. So pretty! ^_^

  4. disky says:

    the girl really likes dara’s style…cute!!

  5. arzee says:

    I haven’t watched make-up tutorials, but I think this will be my first since it’s dara-based make up! I am also a stan now!!! I miss you!!!

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