Tutti Fruity!

Hello guys! How are you doing?

Remember 2ne1TV season 2 when the girls were packing for their trip abroad?

(Can’t help to noticed that she was also packing her precious RAMYUN!)

(Woah! Seeing these pics, I MISS TAMTAM. Dara please show us more TAM TAM)

Well, if you do, this post is about her watermelon bag. I honestly did not thought that the said bag was a big deal. I mean come on, it doesn’t really look that special (I swear I thought it’s a kids bag), but apparently that bag cost more than your average beach bag (in my case, the watermelon bag cost more than any of my bags).

Peter Jensen Watermelon Tote Bag worth £60

This watermelon shaped tote bag from Peter Jensen features two black shoulder straps, internal pouch pocket and fastens with a chrome zip along the  top.

I already featured Peter Jensen before and I should know that most of his stuffs are really expensive. However, I have a question for you guys. Would you pay £60 for a beach bag. Hey! At least it’s big enough to be a great beach bag.

Comments and tips are love!!!!

Thanks to itsjustMEandDARA for the tip + DaraChina for the screencaps + kissyv and ohdara (for being my life savers)

12 Responses to “Tutti Fruity!”
  1. sillyhearts says:

    oh wow~ That much?!
    i never knew it is that expensive! LOL!
    I do love bags as well..but err..might wanna pass on this one..unless someone gives it to me, i won’t mind,LOL!
    same thoughts as well..as to how it looks like any cuute beach bag, LOL!
    Thanks for sharing! ^^ and soo cute with the ramyun and tam-tamie! 😛

  2. lei_09 says:

    waited for this..haha :))

  3. 2ne1shabam says:

    aaw watermelon Bag, I want.

  4. rin says:

    i don’t know too about this bag and have no idea that this cute bag will cost that much..phewww
    yeahh i hope dara will posted about TAmTam more..kkkk

  5. itsjustMEandDARA says:

    hello! ^.^ ur welcome… ehehe.i changed my UN from itsjustme to itsjustMEandDARA..lol..(too long eh?…*’m so random.. lol).. anyways… cute bag,ayt?hehe XD…who would’ve thought it would cause that freakin’ much?ahaha…

  6. itsjustMEandDARA says:

    i’m back again.. XD.. i noticed dara’s scarf on her me2 pic http://me2day.phinf.naver.net/20110310_180/21dara_12997489041799O2od_JPEG/21dara_1299748903_7676.jpg just like her jeans,her scarf is from balmain too… check it out here -> http://luxistgadgets.com/?p=532 ^.^ …

  7. bianca says:

    LMAO, when I saw that bag in 2NE1TV, I was like WHY SHE HAS THAT WATERMELON BAG? DUDE, THAT LOOKS CHEAP! LMAO, and it turns out that, this bag cost £60?
    Honestly, I don’t like the bag, even if it’s a beach bag, but it looks cute since Dara is the 1 using it!
    And yeah, kinda miss TAMTAM, I actually miss CHAERATAM moment and ParkSistersTam moment, kekeke!

  8. arzee says:

    $60 for a beach bag??? I can even put my things on a plastic bag, seriously! I cannot even sign in to be an official blackjack because of the price which is less than $50, mind you! Gosh… but for Dara, it is all worth it!

  9. NQLHSJ says:

    hiya! haha um.. im kind of new to your blog,, but i like it!! keekeke.. but can you share about dara’s luggage as well. i have always wanted to know about her luggage its so.. UHM… hahaha please please please!! thanksss:DDD

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