We have a walker!

Note: I am a huge zombie movie/tv fanatic. Thus, when I knew of the name of the designer of her sunnies I immediately thought of  this title (lame sense of humor is just lame).

Last time I said that I wasn’t able to complete Dara’s airport fashion look since I wasn’t able to have a good look at her sunnies and belt (I am really trying hard to find the belt, so be patient with me).  Dara posted another me2 on the day they arrived in Japan for their promotions and since Dara is a constant visitor of this blog (I am a very delusional person. Don’t believe me!) she helped me by posting a pic where I can clearly see her sunnies.

Check out the lovable Dork below:

So after a week, I found her sunnies. This one was kinda hard for me since I am not really that familiar with the designer. I heard about her just recently but I didn’t thought it would come from her since she’s not big on tortoise frames (I really thought that this is from MATTHEW WILLIAMSON though).

Karen Walker Eyewear Spring/Summer 2010 Sun Gods

Karen Walker Number Two – Mottled Blue worth $170.00

Karen Walker is a pretty interesting designer since her collections are based on THEMES before she released her SUN GOD collection her inspiration was VAMPIRES.  Check out her unique eyewear here.

(Because I am a huge dork, I want to show you how her eyewear look in three different shades)

I don’t know about you guys but I kinda like watching Dara getting hounded by the media people. Very HOLLYWOOD-ish! These photos confirms that Dara is a BIG INTERNATIONAL CELEBRITY already.

Comments and Tips are always welcome. SPREAD THE SANDARA PARK LOVE!!!!

14 Responses to “We have a walker!”
  1. Kate says:

    “These photo confirms that Dara is a BIG INTERNATIONAL CELEBRITY already.” i agree

    BTW love your blog… tnx for this!!! ❤

  2. carl28 says:

    wow a theme which really suited her, vampire indeed! great job btw!

  3. lei_09 says:

    like the last statements.:)

    These photos confirms that Dara is a BIG INTERNATIONAL CELEBRITY already.

    yah! yah!! Dara you look so damn good with those shades..ahh, wae you so lovely neh?

  4. jangy says:

    oh me too… i know some were like leave them alone… but i was like mmmm *zipped* as long as the media dont hurt them, hounding is ok. if they ask to be left alone and the media doesn’t then that’s no longer ok.

  5. disky says:

    nice find!!! good job!!!

  6. louraine says:

    Because I am a huge dork, I want to show you how her eyewear look in three different shades – I cracked up after reading this one. I always visit the thread though unfortunately for me, I wasn’t able to comment, because of the problem with WP before. Seriously, WP was ganging up on me. I can’t check all three Dara sites (kill me now!). I wanted to really post some comments when ever there were updated on this blog. Now that it is fixed (hopefully), I can now comment.

    I seriously am a big fan of yours. I am not that aware of the names of designers or what not, so checking out on this blog makes me realize that hell as much as I want to dress like Dara I can’t (not unless I want to go bankrupt). Plus I know how hard it is to find the names of the designers or brands where the clothes came from. I salute you for being so patient with this. I can’t even differentiate the clothes from one piece to another yet you were able to find them. You are awesome.

    I also like the way you post your entries. It’s not like all the other fashion updates, which unfortunately are boring, this one is very new. Light and informative. That’s how I can describe it. Plus having Dara as the main focal point is a very big factor. Kudos to you and to this blog. BTW, I also follow you on twitter, 🙂

  7. louraine says:

    I was able to comment! Waaa! I am so happy! Don’t mind me.

  8. rin says:

    Dara getting hounded by the media people. Very HOLLYWOOD-ish!
    LOL like your comment
    and she is really photogenic..kk..from every angle..
    and she has camera attitude i think..dunno the right word to describe it

  9. ImDaiceSweet says:

    hahaha! the theme of the sunglass matched DARA!
    VAMPIRE-ish.. kekeke

  10. itsjustMEandDARA says:

    hi! super cool sunglasses indeed! …and yes,of course i’m here to share something again..XD..BUT i’m uncertain about these stuff..so yeah XD,here it goes.. dara’s eyewear in her me2pic http://me2day.net/front/me2photo?id=phinf5hv5b&post_id=pz8rqd is it from super? –> http://retrosuperfuture.com/super/collection/people/AUT_350.jpg.php http://www.eyegoodies.com/Super-People-HG-M-A-Eye-pr-17641.html

    also this one > http://me2day.net/front/me2photo?id=phinfyz_ep&post_id=pne0ur http://retrosuperfuture.com/super/collection/flattop/034.jpg.php/

    and this one > http://me2day.net/front/me2photo?id=phinfyw559&post_id=pk9jlg http://retrosuperfuture.com/super/collection/ciccio/07_195.jpg.php http://enusal.com/ReadNews.asp?NewsID=1254

    ‘m really not sure about dara’s sunglasses during her vacay in the philippines so yeah,no need to post about that..lol XD

    i’m not totally sure about everything that i’ve shared so feel free to delete this i’m wrong….but if ever i’m right, i therefore conclude that dara is a “super” woman…nyahahaha (super phail XD) lmao..

  11. arzee says:

    The pictures really look like a hollywood celebrity, now we only need 2NE1 to debut to the US for it to happen. But i agree, she is one hot internationaly celebrity!!! 🙂 What made me smile is the fact that the designer’s collection was inspired by vampires… you know, there is always this rumor that Dara is actually a vampire… ssshhhhh!!!

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