DORK and JIL went up the hill. To fetch a pail of water.

NOTE: Please credit me properly, if you decide to post this in your blogs. I have spent considerable amount of time finding these items. Thus, I will not take it easily if you use my finds and claim it as your own. People would know where did you get those stuff since I posted earlier than you.  Please do not even think about it. “RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT”

Today was an eventful day for us Dara fans as well as 2ne1 fans cause our girls will be gracing the covers of both NYLON JAPAN MAGAZINE and BLING MAGAZINE next month.

We have to thank pam_31 and itsjustMEandDARA for this update since they used there eagle eyes in identifying Dara’s ensemble for NYLON JAPAN MAGAZINE.

When I first saw Dara in the cover I was literally looking for Dara’s lower limb, like seriously. I thought it was a bad case of photoshop. However, after a minute. I realized that Dara was wearing a white skirt (yes people it is not a dress, she is wearing a separate shirt and skirt). Thus, her skirt blended with the background creating an illusion that Dara was floating (Dara floating while the rest looked normal will be a hell lot scary if ever. Yikes!).

(Let’s play FINDDARASLOWERLIMB shall we?)

Her shirt and skirt are both from Jil Sander. Never had it crossed my mind that there will come a day that Dara will wear Jil Sander. Not that Jil Sander’s a bad designer but she is a minimalist and 2ne1 is nowhere near from being minimalist. As we know, our girls wardrobes are really fierce and loud, that is why this is very refreshing for 2ne1 to wear something simpler. However, even if they are wearing dresses I love the fact that because of unconventional hairstyles, make up and accessories they were still able to stay true to 2ne1’s signature style (that is being unconventional).

Jil Sander FLORAL-PRINT COTTON T-SHIRT worth £240.00

Jil Sander Floral-print silk-twill skirt worth $3,075

Dara looks unconventionally gorgeous in the cover. I mean, how many people can still look good with that hair and make up? I always say this and I will never get tired of saying this, I love Dara because she is experimental and she is not afraid to look bad (looking bad is never in Goddess D’s vocabulary though). Also, as I have pointed out before, Dara has been watching too much ANTM (good for you BABY GIRL). Just look at her piercing eyes and posture. Dara is PERFECTION!

I am still looking for the goodies she wore in BLING MAGAZINE. All I know is it’s from ADIDAS (shhhh…I think 2ne1 may be endorsing ADIDAS soon cause our girls sported ADIDAS from head to toe in their SPORTS CHOSUN interview too. But this is just a hunch, don’t quote me on this one).


17 Responses to “DORK and JIL went up the hill. To fetch a pail of water.”
  1. mischa says:

    LMAO at the title, seriously girl you always cracked me up in every title of each articles you make! anyways, i freaked out when i saw this photo, i was looking where are her legs, LOL! In this photo i love her looks the most and also Minzy’s! and about the adidas outfit, well they are friends w/ Scott so there’s a possibilty that they’re going to endorse adidas in the future!

  2. carl28 says:

    wow! that was fast…foursome fiercesome is back & just like i expected, Dara stands out! ooh smoldering eyes

  3. louraine says:

    The first thing I noticed on that cover was the missing lower limbs too. I was not even thinking of the possibility that she might be wearing a skirt. I thought it was just the bohemian style pants. Do you know what I mean.

    I love the fact that even though CL was doing that thing with her dress my eyes still darted towards Dara’s face then down to what she was wearing and then I saw the missing limbs. Let’s skip that part.

    If Tyra Banks could see this cover and all the other covers they have she can definitely say that she work it! With her eyes and her body language. I love the hair. It’s like mawhawk-ish. It is so edgy yet so classy.

    Thanks for always updating. “)

  4. zee unnie says:

    Though Dara was almost blending in the background, all our eyes just can’t help but be magnetized by that stare…Dara-yah really worked that ensemble! Indeed as what Se7en said, goddess D has looks pretty no matter what pose she makes…

    Thanks again for the updates! Kudos!

    • zee unnie says:

      …looks pretty. Grammar eh?! ;p

    • When did Se7en said that? Did I missed anything Dara related? Nyahahaha! Thanks =)

      • zee unnie says:

        I think when he tweeted a pic of Dara sleeping in the waiting room during broadcast…LoL! More or less he said that D looks good no matter what pose?! I forgot the exact translation…forgive your forgetful ahjumma unnie! Lol. I just adore the closeness of those 2 chinggu’s… 🙂

  5. hyuwhieyl says:

    i love this cover it’s so, uhm japanese (duh!) hehe it’s so refreshing to see her in a long skirt (an uber expensive skirt). dara-bias aside, she’s the one with the most variety of expressions and really knows how to work her self in front of the camera. Plus, majority of their covers she’s always in the middle. or even if she’s at the sides, you’ll definitely see her oozing charm.

  6. mydearsofie says:

    cl and her skirt filled almost 1/4 of this cover so it’s natural that you’ll notice her first, but when you start to look closer, you’ll be struck staring at dara and her eyes. she’s sooo fierce yet beautiful…you’ll feel like losing to a stare battle with her.

    and i love what she’s wearing! and minzy’s too. if she had been a little bit taller, she’d totally fit to become a supermodel.

  7. disky says:

    woah…its so expensive….maybe one of a kind dress??
    i haven’t noticed the skirt until this was shared…
    thanks for your efforts to keep us informed on dara’s “fashionistaness”

  8. arzee says:

    My gosh!!! That long skirt is indeed expensive! But… I think Dara is worthy to wear expensive clothes!!!

  9. jangy says:

    lol, i had the same expression the first time i saw the pic – HUH???
    but the cost aside, that print is just beautiful. the colors are just wow! i must say i also love Mingkki here ^^
    i hope u also come up with her Bling outfit coz she was just superb in that cover. flawless.

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