Dara has Unbelievable Long Lashes

2ne1’s CFs are really clever and funny (I don’t watch any other CF’s from any other groups. Okay, maybe Big Bang’s but that’s about it). The following CFs are two of the funniest. I love the CFs because of three reasons. One, because Dara’s in it (her skin is to die for). Two, because everyone looked their best. And lastly, because these CFs are just brilliant.

Since this is a fashion blog, I am going to feature Dara’s fashion goodies (and not how brilliant etude is for coming up with CFs like these). Even if they are surrounded with Pink, 2ne1 is still 2ne1. They are very distinct that even if they are wearing “girly” clothes they are still able to retain their own 2ne1 flavor.

Thanks to ANONYMOUS (dancing to 2PM’s “again and again”). I owe you a lot already.

( Close Up of the dress. Love the pattern)

Dara’s black sneakers is from Pierre Hardy.

I am a huge Kokon To Zai fan but I will just remain a fan (no plan on wearing or buying any stuff from them) since their designs are really not for me (too unconventional and somewhat loud). I am the kind of person who is good at being invisible (emo mode) and I really prefer to just stay that way. However, I love it when Dara wears their clothes since it totally fits her and 2ne1’s image in general.


4 Responses to “Dara has Unbelievable Long Lashes”
  1. love your blog now i truly appreciate each of your post their difficult to research you are such a cool stan keep blogging

  2. louraine says:

    I am envious of her lashes and I most definitely with her skin. I saw one episode of 2NE1TV where they showed Dara moving to their apartment and I saw that she is using Johnson’s and Johnson products. I really think I should use them too. *go on dream louraine*

    Thanks for the update I so love them. 🙂

  3. arzee says:

    If you will ask me if the leggings and the dress fit together, they aren’t, but heck, DARA PULLED IT!!! Gosh, she can never go wrong… I love her more and more!

  4. iamporshie says:

    loved the dress! but what picked my interest is the black sneakers by Pierre Hardy, I’m pretty sure its the same sneakers that TOP gave to GD’s birthday.. 🙂

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