UKay-UKay (People who knows my language will be the ones who will get the title)

The girls were in London, U.K. last year because they were recording their upcoming International Album (No set date yet so hold your horses people. Please be patient). Among the fashion goodies she wore while in London and the one that really stood out for me was her multi-colored (nutcracker-ish) military jacket.

Check out what I am talking about below. (Sorry for the not so HD caps)

Because I am OC, I cannot settle with just posting the jacket (Oh come on people, you should know how I roll already. LMAO! ). So here’s Dara’s full outfit:


JCDC by Jean Charles de Castelbajac spring 2010


Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Tank Top spring/summer 2009


Proenza Schouler for J Brand Printed Skinny Jeans worth USD$550.00


Pierre Hardy (for more info click HERE)


Here’s our lovely dork wearing the whole outfit and she’s dancing to Imma Be (watch-out Baby Minkki, soon your unnie will give you a run for your money).

I love the jacket. I’ll probably wear it since it looks really bright and funny (just like Dara). No wonder it’s very cartoonish since Jean-Charles de Castelbajac is known for his love of Cartoon characters (he is not the King of cartoon couture for nothing). I love the Vivienne Westwood tank top too, she wore another one from Ms. Westwood’s collection when Dara attended Jeremy Scott’s party. The design of the tank top is very interesting since it looks like an inverted tank top.  The Proenza Schouler jeans is the same one she wore in their “Don’t Stop the Music” MV (yes, that is why it looked familiar). Lastly, of course I also love the Pierre Hardy sneakers (I cannot hate it at all).

Thanks to itsjustMEandDARA for being jjang again + Youtube video and screencaps credits goes to whoever owns them (Thanks Hollister_Sy for saving my a*s)


11 Responses to “UKay-UKay (People who knows my language will be the ones who will get the title)”
  1. jangy says:

    wow! im glad u wrote about this coz i really do love this jacket. it’s like perfect for her! i think it was very fashionista of her to be wearing it since it’s not something everyone can wear right. i wish it’s what she wore when they met the rest of the BEP.
    when she wore that top in Jeremy Scott’s party, i thought it drowned her but under this jacket, it matched really well. or maybe that was another size? keke. anyway, i should also share that even my bro thinks this jacket is just fabulous. he saw it while i was rewatching 2NE1tv weeks back and commented on how cool it was. 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes, I also thought that the one she wore in J.Scott’s party drowned her. Plus the fact that among the 3 the stylist opted to gave her sneakers (bad choice since Dara is the shortest and she wore the baggiest clothes).

  2. hyuwhieyl says:

    So the top and jacket are from the men’s line?

    The jacket give off a christmas feel to me hehehe

  3. disky says:

    cool mix…so those are the sources…..its a mix match worn well…cool!!!

  4. sillyhearts says:

    Dara’s love for men’s clothing.. LOL! Soo adorable!
    She does dress like a boy.. aigoo >.<
    good thing she looks great do you do that Daraya? 😛
    I personally love looking at the jacket as well..since it matches her sunny and bright personality.. 😛
    Plus she looks uber cute and funky in it.. Kyaa!! the tank top again! this time, i think the size was okay..
    I didn't like the fact that they gave her sneakers during the JS party as well.. while the other two were wearing huge sky high heels, LOL! made her looked soo short, LOL!
    Thanks again for the great finds! <333!!!

  5. arzee says:

    I love the whole outfit! Dara is indeed a boyish type… but she defitely delivered!

  6. Jomi25 says:

    KYAAA!!! I lovelovelove this outfit of hers! Especially the jacket! Thanks for the info! Kudos! b(^_^)d

  7. hesthia says:

    are u filipino?? i love your blog!!!!!

  8. christoyou says:

    really love the jacket..where can i buy it?
    And does it on sale~hope it is on sale.

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