Dara the Pretty Cat

NOTE: Please credit me properly, if you decide to post this in your blogs. I have spent considerable amount of time finding these items. Thus, I will not take it easily if you use my finds and claim it as your own. People would know where did you get those stuff since I posted earlier than you.  Please do not even think about it. “RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT”

Hello again Sandara stans!!! How are you doing today/tonight? Hopefully you liked that wallpaper/fan art that I made just for you (you can freely use it, if you want). This is just a simple thank you because I have 400+ followers now on twitter (please don’t unfollow…or else it might be less than 400 LMAO!). This blog came about because  I love Dara and I want people to know how awesome she is (in my own little way). I chose this aspect in Sandara’s life because I am pretty much knowledgeable about fashion (but truthfully it’s because no one did a blog about her fashion at that time haha =P). Since I love fashion, why not make a blog about her fashion? cause in that way people who doesn’t know her yet, who accidentally stumbles upon my humble fashion blog would know how awesome she is.

Okay! I need to stop my random sentimental thoughts now and on with the fashion post.

Nylon Japan is one of my top favorite magazine spread that the girls ever did (though they don’t have much to start with but you get the point). I love how vibrant and fresh our gorgeous girls looked.  I love the clothes, the accessories and the shoes (I love the totality of the whole fashion spread). I also loved the fact that it’s so 2ne1 eventhough they wore simpler clothes, they were still able to retain the 2ne1 swag.

This will be the third (and probably the last) post for Nylon Japan. I have to say that Dara’s whole look in this one is just pure AMAZING-ness. So this post came about because @_rashel in twitter, tweeted that the girls white clothes are all from ANN DEMEULEMEESTER. Being the curious cat that I am, I immediately searched for ANN DEMEULEMEESTER 2011 collections. Thus, special thanks goes to @_rashel I hope you don’t mind.

Being a fashion blogger for 2ne1 (as well as the rest of the YG Family) you need great amount of patience. Although, they wear branded/luxury clothes, still looking for their fashion goodies is no joke since most of their stuffs came from non mainstream fashion designers.  ANN DEMEULEMEESTER is one of those designers whose fashion goodies are really hard to find.

I love Dara’s whole look and because I love it very very very much, I will frame it LMAO!

I just have to frame it. I can’t help it.


I love how stylish the waistcoat is. It is asymmetrical and it is in white. It’s funky but at the same time sleek and simple.

ANN DEMEULEMEESTER Asymmetric waistcoat worth £184.00




The dress is gorgeous (for some weird reason I am drawn to asymmetrical cuts). The dress gives off a vibe just like a japanese kimono. It’s airy, it’s light perfect for our Dorky Goddess.


GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Leather and canvas boots Was $1,295 Now $388.50

This is not the first time Dara wore this shoes. I think this is one of her faves and I can’t blame her. The shoes really worked in the shoot since it gave the funky feel to the whole look.


As always, thanks to itsjustMEandDARA for being jjang (I will not get tired of thanking you girl)!!!!

Credit goes to the owner of the photos (I edited it).

8 Responses to “Dara the Pretty Cat”
  1. BlackjackBelle says:

    Niiiceee! I looked for Ann designer too, and she has similar assymetric-ish designs. LOL! Where’d the white sleeve come from though? O.O Kekeke!

    Again, nice finds unnie! ❤ Thank you for them! ❤

  2. disky says:

    good job!!! nice find…
    her stylist is really jjang as well…
    dara rocked it well!!!!

  3. annrie says:

    wow,l♥ve the dress & how sandy wore it. she’s so gorgeous…

  4. louraine says:

    I just love it when Dara wears dresses. It is always a breath of fresh air since she really does wear one. I like how she looked simple yet the 2NE1 vibe was still there. The hair and make-up totally killed the whole photo. I love Dara’s expression, as always, she never fails to impress me.

  5. ayen says:

    I really want the full outfit. Not too sure about the boots, but the the dress and the waistcoat. yuuum!

  6. sillyhearts says:

    yay!! thanks for posting about her whole look on this photoshoot..
    aside from her looking oh soo gorgeous..well she does all the time..
    But I really love the dress, and I didn’t know she wore a vest too.. 😛
    niicee… 😛
    Favorite shoes indeed, she has been wearing those on several occasions..
    It’s one stylish boots! I love it on her!
    Thanks for all these great finds!!

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