NOTE: Please credit me properly, if you decide to post this in your blogs. I have spent considerable amount of time finding these items. Thus, I will not take it easily if you use my finds and claim it as your own. People would know where did you get those stuff since I posted earlier than you.  Please do not even think about it. “RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT”

I tweeted earlier (or was it yesterday? Sorry my brain is not working properly. LMAO!) asking my followers who among them wants to see Dara in a dress. It is a consensus that most of us wants to see more of Dara in a dress (Okay guys! Let’s Start harrassing their stylist now. Shall we?).

Everytime Dara wears a dress it is always a special event (at least for me) since she rarely does it. For some weird reason I like it that way though. I think it is because if she does it all the time, it takes away the mystery and excitement (Am I getting too pervy for your taste? kekeke).

So this post is all about Dara in a dress (Sadly there are less amount of Goddess D’s legs in this post because she doesn’t want to show it often. We should deal with it. Hul!).

I will do another COUNT DOWN but since she doesn’t wear dresses as much as we want to her do, I will cut it to 5 from the usual 10. Are you ready?

TOP 5:

Dara’s asymmetrical Pink dress from Etude Ms.Tangerine CF.

Seriously Dara can you share your skin regimen to me please. I promise not to share it with anyone. My oh my! Just look at that flawless skin. I love the perm, it’s weird but it is so Dara.

Lanvin For H&M Belted Bubblegum Pink One Shoulder Dress worth £99.99

Can you believe that this is worth less than a £100? This dress  is so unlike 2ne1 in terms of price and this is probably one of the most affordable CF clothes in History for Dara/2ne1 ( H&M you rock. Your clothes are affordable but still you don’t compromise the design and the quality) .

TOP 4:

Another dress from Etude Ms.Tangerine CF but this time it’s from CHLOE


SEE BY CHLOÉ Printed silk-taffeta dress worth $395

TOP 3:

The dress she wore in SBS Gayo Daejun last year. Special Thanks to ANONYMOUS for making this one.

Love her smile. She looks like a 5 year old kid who was told by her teacher that she got a star.

Most Hollywood stars that wear Mark Fast doesn’t wear bras. Good thing that bra was invented though because I am sure Dara would not get caught alive wearing this dress if bra wasn’t invented. Enough with the bra talk.

(NOTE: This picture is not mine. Credit goes to the owner. I only googled this one so no information was available. I was desperate to use this, since I couldn’t find any other picture/photo that showed the back and the side portion.)

TOP 2:

The dress she wore in the recent 11st CF.

WARNING: I really tried my best to give you decent photos. Thanks DCPINKMIC for saving my a*s twice this week.

Dara is soooo tiny. The dress was above the knee when the model wore it but in Dara’s case it was below her knee. Still she rocked the outfit better (I am too bias to think otherwise nyahaha!).

Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony Fall/Winter 2010

I love both Pendleton and Opening Ceremony. Thus, their collaboration only means one thing AWESOMENESS at its purest. Native patterns has never looked this good.

TOP 1:

The dress she wore in YG FAMILY CONCERT PROMO PHOTOS last year.

Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful? (Man! I can wite the whole Stevie Wonder song lyrics in this post and still not enough to describe how awesome Sandara Park is)


Okay! I have to admit though that this was disappointing for me because Dara and their stylist choose to cover her legs by wearing leggings. The dress was epic by itself but it could have been much better if she didn’t wore leggings under the dress. Dara dear sometimes you need to show off those legs baby girl! You have it, you should flaunt it.

Lastly, just because this is my blog. I want to share this with you. Non-shippers, you can skip this part (if you want).

Isn’t this picture pure awesomeness.  It looks like a movie poster for a film entitled “The greatest LOVE TRIANGLE  ever”. I love the photo, Dara is like a Princess and she has her two bodyguards with her (DON’T TAKE ME SERIOUSLY THOUGH).



As always THANKS to itsjustMEandDARA!!!! We think alike. Wink! Wink!

13 Responses to “DRESSED TO KILL!”
  1. classy D says:

    I ♥ your blog, its awesome :))
    anD I love the last picture is so Dramatic hahaha!!
    keep it up GOD bless!! :))

  2. nurulimani says:

    the day dara unnie wore the dress it’s like a celebrating day for us! because she will look so sexy even she’s sooo tiny!
    waa….so love all the dress! she kill it! why when usual model wear it, it’s so weird! but, when goddes wore it..it look really cute..ekkek..(we are bias afterall nee)..^..^
    i love the 1st and 2nd countdown..
    1st dress, she look so elegant! like a princes
    the 2nd dress..she look so cute, cute dara…

    dearier!thanks for this new entry!love this..

  3. hyuwhieyl says:

    Yeah it’s always a treat for us fans to see her in a dress. It’s like seeing your tomboyish daughter in a dress for her prom. Lol not making any sense here anymore. XD :-))

  4. xandeelicious says:

    Dresses! YEY! i’m in love with the H&M Belted Bubblegum Pink One Shoulder Dress cause it suits the Miss Tangerine concept and Dara’s bright aura as well, and hooraaaah! it’s less than £100! though i can’t afford it still cause i’m just a bum -_- but all her dresses, yep everything she wore, still looks lovely and pretty! <33

    and i have to agree with you. i love it that Dara wears dresses only for special occasions cause it brings us this certain surprise effect and it would always keep us excited and make us look forward on what she's going to wear. not only that but i'm really in love with Dara's casual wears, the usual tee-jeans-sneaks get-up. Dara you really rock! <3333

    more more more SandaraParkFashion! love all of your fashion posts! <33

  5. louraine says:

    I think their stylist love to let her wear clothes with lots of holes in it. LMAO. I wish she could wear more dresses and show her legs more often. 🙂

  6. 2ne1shabam says:

    0_0 as usual all are expensive…i want the white one…>.<

  7. annrie says:

    thanks so much for this.i l♥ve how sandy wore dresses & she so pretty, any style fits to her.

  8. arzee says:

    It’s really a fiesta when Dara wears a dress! On the other hand, I think she can be hot/ sexy even if she’s just wearing jeans/ pants/ baggy clothes… her beauty still shines!

    Thank you!!!

    I love the “greatest love triangle” ever! I agree!

  9. sillyhearts says:

    Thanks dear for another great post!
    Love Love all the dresses..and gotta agree with you on keeping the mystery, by not wearing the dress all the time, though it feels like christmas to me everytime she does it, LOL!
    But that’s the beauty of it, her style is always moving, changing and innovating..
    You will never guess, what will she wear next time.. 😛
    Loves it!
    Fave dress would be the TOP 5, the H&M..because it’s pink and cute! LOL! 😛
    It’s something that I would wear..and next would be the Mark Fast…
    I love how Dara wore it, sexy but not too revealing but definitely teasing.. 😛
    especially with her back, the dress is really short, good thing she wore leggings
    or they’ll be massive amount of blood loss from her fanboys, LOL! 😛
    Great post! I love it! and I definitely adore the last poster/movie poster-ish..

  10. issahgannee says:

    Keep up the good work.. Love it..

  11. ayen says:

    I really like the Pendleton meets Opening Ceremony dress. It’s such a cute dress. I can actually see myself wearing it. And I want the Mark Fast Dress also, but my gawd!!! The price!!!!!

  12. RiNix says:

    Is it just me or…G-Dragon and Sandara are starting to look alike! Nice blog! Love it!

  13. bleighton_chaera says:

    ..her eyes are so dramatic!i love the last pic ..kkk

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