She Bangs. She Bangs!

Since I am still trying to find the dresses that Dara wore in her latest Etude CF shoot (She looked like a mermaid in the shoot. She’s GORGEOUSNESS personified) , I will be updating you guys with what she wore earlier in her career as a  member of 2ne1 (I will call it way back tuesday, just for kicks). I will try to do this every tuesday but knowing myself I hope I can do this for a long time.


Here’s a closer look at the fashion goodies.

The Tank Top

The Sweatpants

The Shoes

Looking at Dara’s photos, I can safely say that I love the evolution of her style. You have to remember that during those times they were still starting out. Thus, there was a need to stick to their concept, which is being unconventional. I understand that they need to first define their music style and fashion during those times. Although some of her clothes before were cringe worthy (also her hairstyle), I totally understand the reason why the stylist let her wore those clothes.

I know this may sound shallow but seriously eventhough Dara’s style evolved (for the better) her face didn’t. I know 2 years is not that much but Dara just keeps on looking younger and younger every single day.

NOTE TO MS. PARK: Dara, if you found the fountain of youth please share it with us. Thank you very much.

I will leave you a question guys. What do you think about Dara’s fashion evolution?  I would love to hear your opinions about it.


Thanks to anonymous for making the collage!

5 Responses to “She Bangs. She Bangs!”
  1. arzeemendoza says:

    How long has it been? Gosh… I started being kpop fan (YG FAM STAN actually) when 2NE1 debuted!

  2. kukupop says:

    I agree. It seems like she doesn’t age at all.

  3. Sok Ly Chou says:

    u a so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. disky says:

    fashion evolution of dara is never ending…
    all combos are well done by the stylist..
    i bet stylist are having fun dressing her up (girly, hiphop, boyish)
    before and now…she carries them well…

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