Working Girl Sandara Park

NOTE: Please credit me properly, if you decide to post this in your blogs. I have spent considerable amount of time finding these items. Thus, I will not take it easily if you use my finds and claim it as your own.  Please do not even think about it. “RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT”

Dara has been the unofficial PR officer not only for 2ne1 but for the entire YG Family from the beginning. Thus, it didn’t came a surprise when YG Entertainment officially hired her as 2NE1’s Official Communications Director (I say it’s about time cause Dara is one PR Genuis).

She had her Official photoshot as the Public Relations Director for YGEntertainment a few days ago in Yonsei University.

Want proof?

Sorry Cherry Blossoms but Dara looks better than you do in this one. I just love her smile, she is such a HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY person. 

Who let this kid wander in a University? The University should have stricter rules on allowing little kids inside the campus.

So for this post we are going to highlight 3 items. When I saw the photos, I knew that her scarf is from Alexander McQueen since I am familiar with the print (you can see a similar print in one of his shirts). However, the exact scarf was really hard to find but because my friend itsjustMEandDara is the best among the rest (Please do a petition for itsjustMEandDara to take over sandaraparkfashionblog. LMAO!) she was able to find it.


ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Floral skull scarf worth £265.00

“Add an edge to your look with this silk chiffon scarf by Alexander McQueen. Fusing a pretty floral print with the signature skull motif, it has the label’s typically rebellious style.”

Of course being the me2day Queen, it is her obligation to take a selca shot of herself in the said event to update us.

Here’s her obligatory selca shot:

And because of this shot we have 2 more goodies to feature. Thank you Dara-yah. I know she was complaining how this sunglasses is too big for her. However, I think it looked adorable on her. Personally, I favor bigger frames (the bigger, the better) so I didn’t really thought that it’s too bog for her.


Ksubi Spring/Summer 2010 Sunglasses

This is not the first Ksubi Sunglasses Dara wore. Remember the one she wore in Go Away? Yup, that one is also from the same collection.


Samsung Galaxy S ‘Snow White’ worth € 500

Credit: Google Images

I have a lot of readers asking me about Dara’s phone so might as well post it here. She has been using this one for quite some time already.



15 Responses to “Working Girl Sandara Park”
  1. 2ne1shabam says:

    Oh so its really skull scarf, i thought its flowers or jars keke…love it wow gush the scarf as usual expensive. ^^
    Thanks for this i miss your blogs.

  2. BlackjackBelle says:

    Anneyong unnie!

    LOL! I’m one of the readers asking for the phone! 😀

    As usual, wonderful finds unnie! Thanks for always sharing! Her shoes are the spiked Louboutins that you already featured right? ^^

    And oh, I was wondering about her pants…I think she has worn them before on other occasions? ^^

    Again, thanks for your hard work! ❤

  3. rinzia says:

    WOW youre rite!!! the university should stricter rulessssss
    who allow this cute 7 year old child wandering around the campus aloneeeeee
    kkk Dara sooo prettyyyy >.< and she looks like a child and her skin just glowinggg

    i love her style,, she knows how to be stylish and comfortable at the same time..and not bother if she will look bad cuzz she will never!!! kyakkkk Goddess D ftw!!

  4. annrie says:

    WOW! Thanks for all your blog about her fashion i so appreciate all of those. i really l♥ve her styles. Anything she wore fits to her. She so cute & look like a kid.hehe…

  5. disky says:

    wah….thank you for this information!!!
    good job!!!

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