Sandara is Ms. 안녕 (Aloha = Hello = Annyeong = 안녕)

NOTE: Please credit me properly, if you decide to post this in your blogs. I have spent considerable amount of time finding these items. Thus, I will not take it easily if you use my finds and claim it as your own. People would know where did you get those stuff since I posted earlier than you.  Please do not even think about it. “RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT”

Who’s excited for May 1st?  These  past few weeks Dara as well as Mr. Lee Hyosup of Etude has been very generous to us in giving photos and updates for the upcoming Etude Summer Campaign. Dara has been endorsing Etude for almost a year now and as a huge Dara fangirl I am very happy about it. Etude is one of the top cosmetics brands in Korea and Dara is one of the most loved celebrity in Korea. Their collaboration is made in cosmetic heaven since Dara is not only a very effective endorser indeed (She made me buy a BB cream and that’s a big thing since I don’t know anything about cosmetics) but she is also believable endorser. 

“There are many factors that goes into choosing a believable endorser. A big weight is on research findings quantifiably based on consumer perception. Dara is a good choice not only because her personality fits the concept but also because she’s perceived by the target market as a natural beauty. The core benefit cosmetics offer is self-esteem often psychologically correlated to being natural.Dara has flaws,as everyone has,but she exudes self-esteem-the selling proposition.” – BLAISEPAIGE ( See, I am stalking you)

Okay! Enough with me being a stalker. Let’s get this ball rollin.

First up, this ensemble:

Dara and her flawless armpits. Love the shoes (lusting over it for weeks now)

A closer look of the dress and the vest. 

The dress:

H&M Maxi Dress $24.95

Description: Long, flared design with smocking at the top and adjustable shoulder straps. Lined.

So this dress is a maxi dress that should be floor length  but they modified it and turned it into a sundress. The one thing I love about H&M is that they cater to variety of sizes including “miniature” people like Sandara Park (sorry Dara!). That is why the dress fits perfectly well in her little frame.

H&M Vest worth $9.95

Description: Conscious Collection. Cropped design with fringe. Crocheted front panels and stocking-stitch panel at back. Hook-and-eye fastener.

H&M Wedge Sandals worth £24.99

Description: Wedge sandals in straw and canvas with a platform at the front and ties at the ankle. Platform 3 cm, heel 12 cm. Rubber sole.

Second Ensemble:

The second ensemble is a combination of two dresses. My guess is they need to do this since they cannot let her wear the first dress alone (Although a lot of people will surely appreciate it. Pervy mode) or maybe it’s just a style. LMAO!

1St Dress:

H&M Racerback Dress worth $12.95

Description: Flared racerback design in stretch jersey with a small chest pocket.

2nd Dress:

H&M Figure-fit dress worth £7.99

Description: Figure-fit dress in stretch jersey.

I have to say that it is refreshing seeing Dara in these clothes not only because it’s rare for her to wear a dress but also because everyone can wear these clothes including those on a tight budget. I have to commend Etude for using fashion goodies that a “normal person” can buy.  We have to admit that majority of Dara’s clothes are not budget friendly. 

I guess Nina Garcia was right when she said that “Fashion is expensive. Style is not. Some of the most stylish girls I know are certainly not the wealthiest.”


FYI: It has come to my knowledge that a certain fashion blog has been ripping off my finds. They post like hours or even a day after I do. When you see another fashion blog that post the exact things as what I posted that’s them (Wink! Wink!).  

12 Responses to “Sandara is Ms. 안녕 (Aloha = Hello = Annyeong = 안녕)”
  1. rinzia says:

    okayy im drolling over the wedgesssss

  2. disky says:

    wah brilliant finds!!! kudos as always!!!

  3. raine_mystique says:

    ok, first i seriously didn’t expect for her clothes to be from H&M but they did look familiar. wow, she makes it look so classy and expensive. kudos to the stylists for their wonderful choices. second, i’ve been drooling over those shoes for weeks and again, didn’t expect them to be so affordable. but i keep thinking…can i make it look as hip as she can? women nowadays are so brand-obsessed and critical but wth, Sandara Park wore it! lol. btw, whoever is ripping off your wonderful finds…don’t they feel a little shameful to be stealing? ugh. people nowadays are too lazy to find their own brain. shame. shame. shame.

    • I guess these people are blogging just for money that is why they don’t really do their own research because they aren’t passionate about what they are blogging. Such a shame. Thanks for the comment by the way and do not worry it’s all about attitude, the way you carry yourself so do not hesitate to buy it.

  4. ayen says:

    Woot! Finally! Something that I can afford without losing an arm and leg! Thanks! And I agree…been salivating on that shoes for ages too!

  5. xandee says:

    “Dara and her flawless armpits.” — YES YES! i agree to this! i really love to look at her smooth pits. gaah i know i’m weird but she’s just beautiful that everything about her is just pure awesomeness! and the wedge! i want one too! i hope i can find one that looks the same here in my place.

    thank you for posting this up! more more more! <333

  6. sillyhearts says:

    Thanks for these awesome finds once again dear! ^O^
    it does feel like Christmas everytime Dara wears a dress, especially that short! 😛
    it brings out her beauty in a whole different level..
    it makes you crave for can never get enough of it..
    The last two dress, I would’ve wanted to see her wear those without the other too! 😀 LOL!
    and those sandals!! aahh!! <333!!
    Thanks for posting! *O*
    love it as always.. 😀

  7. Silly Cute says:

    I like her sandals 🙂

  8. wow!!! great!! i love sandara & lucky me to find this blog !!
    i love the shoes..
    i hope u can update more style that dara show ^^

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