Random jeans and shirts from Sandara’s closet

NOTE: Please credit me properly, if you decide to post this in your blogs. I have spent considerable amount of time finding these items. Thus, I will not take it easily if you use my finds and claim it as your own. People would know where did you get those stuff since I posted earlier than you.  Please do not even think about it. “RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT”

Woot! Woot! 2 straight days updates. Since there are some Dara fashion goodies that I don’t know how to categorize and make it clever. I decided to post a random one. This post mainly consists of fashion items that Dara wore but wasn’t featured immediately or item that are really hard to find.

Again, this will be random jeans and shirt but I still hope you find this one interesting to say the least.

ITEM NUMBER 1: Minji’s gift

Dara and Minji these days seems to be inseparable and that’s good news for me because I ship them (LMAO! I am a proud RAMIN / DAMIN / MINDARA shipper) .

Remember when Dara updated her me2, showing off what Minji got her when they were in Japan last year? If you don’t, then this might help you:

The dorkiest 28 year old (Dara why are you covering your face? That’s an abomination right there. No one has the right to cover your face, not even you yourself).


Chrome Hearts Camouflage Women’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt worth ¥18,000

The shirt that Mingkki bought for Dara was from Chrome Hearts. I am not a huge camouflage print fan but I honestly like how the shirt suits Dara. Basing on Dara’s me2 update she showed this to Mingkki and the next thing she knows Mingkki bought it for her (such a sweet and cute maknae).

ITEM NUMBER 2: Christopher’s Kane

The second item is a shirt she wore from the Korea-China Music Festival, I made a previous post on her sneakers in that event.  The shirt is from Christopher Kane Spring/Summer 2011 collection, the one she wore in this event is a modified one because the sleeves magically disappeared. I tried to find a tank top or a sleeveless version of the shirt but I cannot find it anywhere.

Credit as tagged

Christopher Kane FLOWER PRINT JERSEY T-SHIRT GRAY worth € 255.67

ITEM NUMBER 3: Teddy’s Couch

Who among you guys watched 2ne1TV Season 2? Wrong question (of course most of us already watched 2ne1TV Season 2 since we are huge Dara fans)  it should be, Who among you guys remember this?

Credit as tagged

Dara was looking oh  so trendy lying on Teddy’s recording studio couch while hanging out with their Leader. One of the funniest moment in 2ne1Tv for me was when I saw Dara’s distressed (but really cute) face because CL decided to tie the headphone cords all over Dara’s head.

You can check out that scene at around 4:04 in this jjang fanmade video:

Of course Dara would look trendy because her jeans was from Topshop Kate Moss’ line. Unfortunately, the line got axed so we can say bye bye to our dreams of owning this one. Dara is very lucky because she was able to secure a pair. Or not? (What do you think guys?)

Topshop Kate Moss Tie Dye Jeans worth $90.00

ITEM NUMBER 4: Cherry’s Blossom

This item has been in my lust list for quite a long time now. Dara wore this when they debuted “Go Away” in Inkigayo last year and the recent sighting of this pants was when she went to Yonsei University to smell Cherry Blossoms and to have her photoshoot as 2ne1’s Official Director of Communications.

Rock and Republic CRAZY B!@#H IN ASTONISH worth $265.00

I really love the jeans, it is so cool and edgy. Well, Rock&Republic has amazing jean selection so there shouldn’t be any question about it. Hope Dara gets to wear more jeans like that in the future cause it really fits her well style wise.



By the way, you can make requests too.  Just leave your requests in the comments below.


7 Responses to “Random jeans and shirts from Sandara’s closet”
  1. disky says:

    i love the last pair of pants…its cute…
    thank you for sharing!!!!

  2. 2ne1shabam says:

    thanks for all of this posts…i have the same body type like Dara, and her fashion style is just simple yet WOW…thats how i describe it…keke

  3. nurulimani says:

    ommo!i’m loving the first long sleeve t-shirt! soo cutey…and the teddy couch jeans!! so cutey…

    sandarapark fashion admin jjang! thanks for this update…^..^…

  4. arzeemendoza says:

    Thank you for this! I love it. In YG Family Concert, Dara sported the boy-look again, and she totally killed it.

  5. sillyhearts says:

    I myself prefer wearing jeans over skirts or dresses..so seeing all these awesome finds make me wanna buy those too..LOL!
    if Only I have the budget to do so..:P
    I like Darong’s choices when it comes to jeans as well..
    Comfy, stylish and edgy..not to mention really pricey too..:P
    Thank you for posting these!

  6. aranayad says:

    Thank you for posting!
    I really love Dara in her jeans!! A Goddess true Goddess!!

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