Sandara is Lonely

NOTE: Please credit me properly, if you decide to post this in your blogs. I have spent considerable amount of time finding these items. Thus, I will not take it easily if you use my finds and claim it as your own. People would know where did you get those stuff since I posted earlier than you.  Please do not even think about it. “RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT”

Who among you guys saw our GORGEOUS goddess earlier on YG On Air?

If you were not able to catch it, fret not, because YG is here to save the day ( I still like him though, even if he is the biggest troll).

(Below, you can see the video. Click. Click. Click. Enjoy!)

Of course I am not here just to update about that (this isn’t sandaraparkfashionblog for nothing).  I am posting this one to feature what Dara wore (basing on the BTS) in their new Music Video entitled “Lonely”. I have to confess that I hate it when the stylist recycled Dara’s outfits kekeke. I think it’s the inner fangirl in me that screams “DARA DOES NOT DESERVE RECYCLED OUTFITS BECAUSE SHE’S TOO PRECIOUS FOR THAT”. Thus, I was so happy when I saw the BTS of the MV because about 70 % of Dara’s fashion goodies are new (Let’s give a round of applause to her stylist, shall we. LMAO!)

ITEM NO. 1 and 2:

You might wonder why I incorporated 2 items in this rundown. It is because Dara wore the fashion goodies one on top of the other (also it’s harder for me if I won’t cause there’s no photo of Dara wearing these fashion goodies separately).

Check out her sleeveless Jacket and Shirt. Both are from Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2011 Collection.

Oh My Lovely goddess. Why are you so BEAUTIFUL?

A clearer view of her sleeveless jacket and shirt.

The whole outfit. By the way, her biker pants is the same one she wore from their Japanese Promotional Photo


White polka dotted silk-blend shirt hand-printed with black leopard spot outlines by Balenciaga. Spread collar with hand-painted metal collar tips. Sleeveless. Concealed button down front with black lining beneath. Peaked hem. Semi-sheer. Buttoned side straps with openings above. Unlined. Relaxed fit. Hemline finishes at the upper thigh. –


Okay so the only one I found is a brown version of this gilet. I doubt that the red version can be found anywhere in the world wide web. Thus, I will assume that the red one is a boutique version (If you can find the red one please notify me as soon as possible).


This third fashion item frustrated me a bit because I knew I saw it somewhere cause it looked awfully familiar. However, because my friend ITSJUSTMEANDDARA is a ninja, she was able to identify the top and it’s from Christopher Kane Spring/Summer 2011 RTW (No wonder it looked very familiar).

Would you believe that she was greeting Good Morning with this expression?

Sorry! Can’t find a better photo.A closer look (Thank God for bras. Like seriously)

Dara’s whole look. Glad to see our dork having fun.

I cannot wait for the MV. She looked really good basing on the BTS (though I am not really crazy about her hairstyles) and I hope she gets more parts in it too. I love watching Dara in MV’s because she has this charm that captures you. It can be attributed to her variety of facial expressions, aura and attitude.  Hope they come back as stronger 2ne1 this time. Goodluck to Dara and to the rest of the girls. 2ne1 FTW!

Thanks to the jjangest of the jjang ITSJUSTMEANDDARA.


9 Responses to “Sandara is Lonely”
  1. jangy says:

    Dara wore it better than all of the model+headless mannequin combined. lol
    thanks for the quick finds. i swear im really loving the outfits and looked forward to ur blog ^^

  2. Iamhere says:

    U r really great!!! Thanks for the info…D is so cool 🙂

  3. Sam says:

    Wow, I love your blog. You are so fast in updating, LOL. Yes, I agree that Dara is usually given the weirdest hairstyle, but she can definitely pull it off so I am not surprised anymore, LOL. But I actually love her hairstyle in the first picture because it is damn fierce.

  4. disky says:

    i was curious with the green one because it looked very attractive on her…
    the other shirt is jjang as well…
    i knew sandaraparkfashion will answer my curiosity…hahahah….thank you very much!!!
    i just love dara…she can flaunt the clothes really well in her own pretty style…

  5. 2ne1shabam says:


  6. myries says:

    That was quick!
    I find the Balenciaga top really interesting and D is rocking it. ❤

  7. Raine says:

    You’re awesome and quick too! Lol. Adore the first outfit, I love the contrast between her fragile physique and her edgy/tough outfits. Love love love the first outfit! Particularly the vest. Hot.

  8. arzeemendoza says:

    I wonder if the top with green dots glow in the dark? Is that a stupid question? hahaha!!! It’s really cool. I am also excited for the MV… I hope she’ll get more lines, and air time too.

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