Dara wears Zara

NOTE: Please credit me properly, if you decide to post this in your blogs. I have spent considerable amount of time finding these items. Thus, I will not take it easily if you use my finds and claim it as your own. People would know where did you get those stuff since I posted earlier than you.  Please do not even think about it. “RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT”

I am so happy right now because I’ve been searching for this particular dress since Dara updated her me2 last april 12 with this one (Yes! I am that huge Dara fan that I memorized her me2 updates).

The photo is so dramatic and it really captures the essence of a LONELY girl who is  waiting for her love to return (Oh my lovely dorky goddess, you are such a hopeless romantic and a clever one too).

After almost a month of searching for this dress finally typecastheroine found the dress (I am forever indebted to you). I always thought that the dress  is either from H&M or Forever21 but it turns out to be from ZARA.

Here’s our goddess wearing the beautiful dress while she is playing in the sand with her playmate jjangmae  (Whew! That was long):

Find Jjangmae if you can

Zara Two – Tone Floral white dress worth €50

You might be wondering  if the dress comes with the shirt and the answer is… Yes!  The dress comes with the baggy grey shirt.

I love the dress by itself. However, adding the baggy shirt over brings the whole ensemble to a whole new level (Think 90s Fashion: Cool Grunge. I would definitely wore these with my Doc Martens).  

And because I am in cloud 9 right now. I made amateur photo edits to Dara’s etude photos and make it look like postcards (thanks to @spiffyhyosup). Sorry if it looking really noobish.

Well, hello there. ALOHA girl.

THANKS TO typecastheroine FOR THE TIP.


17 Responses to “Dara wears Zara”
  1. disky says:

    the dress looks really cute…
    very gossipy gurly…lols
    i miss the dara girly side…hehehehe

  2. Yay! I helped!

    I actually saw this dress at Zara one day and thought it was cute. It was only when I saw Dara’s pic again that I realized I saw the dress before! Now I really want to buy it. LOL.

    And I agree, I love the addition of the grey shirt.

  3. bloopyxD says:

    this blog is so cooool! it must be hard to find all these things! your effort is greatly appreciated! (: i also followed you on twitter. keke anyways..Dara looks ah-mazinggg! ^_^

  4. joanriz says:

    The dress really looks cute on Dara!! This shows a girly side of her!!
    Thanks to your blog we got to see her with her different outfits & accessories!!
    Your the best!! 🙂

  5. arzeemendoza says:

    The dress is soooo cute! By adding the baddy shirt, it’s funky! I would love for Dara to wear it without the shirt though.

  6. 2ne1shabam says:

    aaw i love this dress…^_^

  7. xandee says:

    OMAYGAHO! must find this shirt+dress at Zara! hopefully they still have it! thank yoooou! i wouldn’t have known that it’s from Zara if it weren’t for you <3333

    I actually love the shirt+dress style and it definitely suits our Dara very well. but, everything suits her so, yeah i love it! hahaha xD

  8. nurulimani says:

    the combination dress with the baggy shirt really make it look like one dress! thanks for this finding!

  9. nceldn says:

    i’m digging the shirt. i wonder if i Zara sells the top sans the dress? i’m not really into floral dresses. i’m more into plain – neutral colours lol. but for Dara, it works. hmm gotta go check Zara next wkend. thanks for posting. have been reading your posts but was too busy lately to drop you some love. thanks a bunch sweetie.Ldn

  10. sillyhearts says:

    Waa!! I super love that dress..never knew the baggy gray shirt is included in this ensemble too!
    I always love seeing her in dresses since it is a rare occasion LOL!
    So thank you so much for this awesome find!

  11. BlackjackBelle says:

    Thanks for this unnie!

    And wah really? The shirt comes with the dress? I don’t wear dresses very much, but the gray shirt over the dress would suit my style I think. LOL1! ^^

    Dara is so gorgeous! And the Zara dress looked all the more prettier with her in it. 😀

    Thank you again! ^^

  12. hesthia says:

    i love zara’s designs!!keke
    thnx unnie!!!
    i really love your blog!!

  13. S E L L O ~ says:

    the dress looks so beautiful on her , i want that dress ^_^
    and thanks for this amazing website unnie =)

  14. petitedara says:

    I’ve just finished reading all pages of your blog, due to her modest personality, I didn’t notice every single peaces Dara’s outfits is fashionably rocks, and worth large sum of dollar… Dara rocks!

  15. Minnie says:

    WHERE can we buy this AMAZING dress

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