NOTE: Please credit me properly, if you decide to post this in your blogs. I have spent considerable amount of time finding these items. Thus, I will not take it easily if you use my finds and claim it as your own. People would know where did you get those stuff since I posted earlier than you.  Please do not even think about it. “RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT”

Last night, 2ne1 performed in 2 Universities (Good Lord! These girls are very hard-working) for University Festivals. It is always such a pleasure to watch Dara bias fancams, she’s such a joy to watch.

If you haven’t watched it yet, here is one of the many Dara bias fancams for last nights events:

Seriously, check out our bouncing baby dork.

For more Dara bias fancams, head over to OhDara!

Special shout-out to OH MY GODDESS (Dara’s Korean fansite) for taking these marvelous fancams. We are forever grateful to you guys!

Her smile never leaves her face all throughout the video. She looked  exceptionally good last night, I love the fact that her shirt and pants were not too big for her, it was just right. I hope that the stylist will continue with this kind of  styling for her because she needs to flaunt her beauty more.

Being a statement tees fan myself the first thing that caught my eyes was of course her shirt. I was trying to figure it out and it took me a full minute to get what is written in her shirt.

ITEM NUMBER 1: Her Statement Shirt

WARNING: This post will contain multiple photos of Dara wearing the shirt just because I love her every expression. No bad angles for this lady at all.

LMAO! I love the last photo the most. Such a cute and weird expression.

Credit as tagged

Jeremy Scott Spring/Summer collection 2011 No Sale Is Ever Final Sleeveless Tee (Black) worth $132.00

So what doesNo Sale Is Ever Final” means? “No Sale is Ever Final” is a marketing lip service which means that if for  any reason a customer is not 100% satisfied with any products or services, the owner will make it right (to the 100% satisfaction of the consumer/buyer) or they will give their money back, no hassles, no problems, no nonsense.

ITEM NUMBER 2: Her Silver Biker Jeans

I already made a post about this jeans. Click “Here” to know more about it.

ITEM NUMBER 3: Her Double-double bracelets

Credit: DC2NE1

CHROME HEARTS Snap Bracelet worth $610 each

ITEM NUMBER 3: Her shoes.

All I know is it’s from Adidas. LMAO! No decent photo is availabe anywhere. Thus, I cannot be 100% certain which one is it.


Now, to spice things up, we are going to have another showdown. Haley Williams from Paramore was snapped wearing the same shirt (she had the white one though) in an airport.


Thanks to itsjustMEandDARA for being wonderful! Kekeke

10 Responses to “NO SALE IS EVER FINAL”
  1. I *was* wondering about the shirt! I should’ve known it was from Jeremy Scott. I love the whole outfit.

  2. cristina0422 says:

    not because I’m a Dara biased but that tee rock so much with that balmain silver biker jeans!

  3. atifa25 says:

    Yep,loving it from head to toe, it’s just perfect for Dara
    Wow the bracelet is so expensive for me 0_o
    Yes like this outfit
    your findings always amazing ^^

  4. disky says:

    thank you as always!!!
    my lurking is never complete without dropping by here!!!
    love it!!

  5. arzeemendoza says:

    Do we really have to vote? Of course it’s SANDARA PARK all the way!!! ❤

  6. Meo says:

    please add more posts about her hats, backpacks and her casual clothes too !!!!!!!!

  7. v says:

    I found your blog in may at the peak of my obsession with sandara park and it was the best thing on the internet. my eyes devoured the entire blog in a span of a few hours. are you ever coming back?

  8. hesthia says:

    $610 for a bracelet! shoooot i think my wallet just complained!!! kekeke
    thnx unnie!!

  9. Karen says:

    Erm, just to clarify. “No Sale is Ever Final” doesn’t mean what you said in this particular shirt. It means that eventually, you sell your soul to the devil. That’s why the design looks like dripping bloody words. I loved the shirt until I realized what it meant LOL. x: I don’t know if celebrities are aware of it (because of lot of people wore this shirt, not just kpop stars) either. Or the stylists, since this was allowed on stage.

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