House Of Dara

Annyeong!!!! Sorry for being MIA. Honestly, the reason for lack of updates is a personal one (Unfortunately, I cannot divulge any information because this is not the right platform for me to do so. This is Sandara Park fashion blog for goodness sake).

So how are you guys?  Well…IFREAKINSAWDARAINREALLIFE!!!!! She is sooooo beautiful and she radiates this kind of inner warmth. She is such a sight to behold and she’s just so full of life. I love Dara to bits and pieces (Yes people, you will also love her weird hairstyles even if you abhor it cause when you see her everything else doesn’t matter anymore)  and seeing her again in person was one of the greatest joys in my life. The fact that I was there to witness one of her dreams coming true was worth all the troubles (JETLAG, LACK OF SLEEP, NOT BEING ABLE TO SIT FOR HOURS, FINANCES and others). I kid you not when I say that I am not gonna do it ever again (EXCEPT FOR DARA) even if I am paid hundreds of thousands (OKAY, I AM LYING. I WILL PROBABLY DO IT AGAIN BUT THE PAYMENT SHOULD NOT BE BELOW 50 THOUSAND PESOS. LMAO!).

I am also very blessed to meet such nice and wonderful friends. This is such a feat because I am the kind of person who doesn’t open up that much. However, it wasn’t that much of adjustment on my part because they are just wonderful people (Shout out TO WELOVEDARA! OHDARA! and DARAGON HIDEOUT peeps for taking good care of me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!).

I’m gonna stop blabbing now and make this post related to the blog.

We have seen Dara wearing this visor for quite a while now. We first saw this in their Adidas Campaign and recently Dara wore this visor in their Osaka Music of Heart charity performance.

Photos are all from OhDara!

House of Flora Plx Visor White

I am not really a big fan of Visors. Thus, when I first saw it on Dara I seriously cannot decide if I like it or not but whatever Dara rocked the Adidas Campaign Shoot. Those stares are to die for baby.

Comments and Tips are LOVE! 

To ITSJUSTMEANDDARA I decided not to let go of this blog! No need to be sad kekeke. THANKS!!!! 

4 Responses to “House Of Dara”
  1. ouley29 says:

    Yay! Welcome back!! We missed you here ^^
    You’re such a lucky cookie for seeing her in real life 😀
    When will I? *sigh*…

    Anyways! About the visor… I’m torn too.
    I’m not a big fan either. It’s ore like Ajhumma style (Dara Ajhumma…? MCR anyone? lol)

    But!!! It gives off a new and fresh vibe to her outfit.
    And besides, it kind of suits her. But I wouldn’t want her to wear it often.
    So Yay/Nay?
    I’m torn >.<

  2. disky says:

    the visor is super cute!!!

  3. arzeemendoza says:

    YAY!!! We’ve finally met!!! Did I mention that I love this blog???? If I haven’t, I LOVE THIS BLOG!!! I hope you can continue posting exciting articles! The visor looks good on Dara, as always… but I think I cannot carry that stuff… on the other hand, I may be able to catch people’s attention with it. haha!!! Thank you! ❤

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