The Red Fedora

NOTE: Please credit me properly, if you decide to post this in your blogs. I have spent considerable amount of time finding these items. Thus, I will not take it easily if you use my finds and claim it as your own. “RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT”

One of the things that I noticed these past few months is that Dara is slowly finding her own style. She used to wear whatever goodies she had (LIKE CRAZY PRINTS AND COLORS) but now her own style is slowly shaping up. If we are going to base it in these past few appearances whether it be behind or in front of the camera, I am loving what I am seeing. YOU GO GIRL!!!! So happy for you!

Since I have been MIA for quite a while, there’s a lot of catching up to do. Thus, I will start from where I left off and that would be in the first LONELY performance.

I am crazy about this style. Seriously, she looked so hip but at the same time simple. This look reminds me of  Alicia Keys “Fallin” days of course minus the cornrows. What stood out in this whole ensemble is her red fedora. I guess it is because everyone was wearing dark colored fashion goodies and here comes a very red Fedora hat. The Fedora stole the whole show, I kid you not (LMAO!).

Just to make my point, here’s a proof:

Sorry, but I really love the hat and the girl so I will flood this post with Dara and the red fedora hat. (YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING CAUSE THIS IS MY BLOG LMAO!)

Credit goes to OhDara! for the lovely Screencaps

A better look at the hat:

The best thing about this hat is it only cost $29. REJOICE!!!! This must be one of the inexpensive hats Dara owns (THAT MEANS WE CAN AFFORD TO BUY THIS BOYS AND GIRLS). Who says you need to spend so much to look like a Million bucks? Not Dara.

Urban Outfitters Natural Straw Fedora worth $29.00

Rest of the outfit can be found in the following links:




I am not gonna ask you anymore if this hat is hot or not. I don’t care about your opinion in this one (JUST IN THIS ONE. LOL!) because I love everything about the hat as well as the girl (SORRY CAN’T HELP BEING A FANGIRL).


7 Responses to “The Red Fedora”
  1. pinkyasumi says:

    oh it was from Urban Outfitters! cool! *off to go to the mall to Urban Outfitters* hahaha

  2. Jomi25 says:

    I have to agree with Dara-unnie gradually finding her own style. I love how she dresses up very casually but still looks stylish. And this look is an addition to my faves. 🙂 BTW, welcome back, unnie! Glad to read your about latest finds again. ^_^

  3. disky says:

    woah so thats where the fedora hat is…woot woot!!!
    thank you so much!!!
    i so love this blog!!!
    you never failed to impress me!!! kudos!!! ^^

  4. hesthia says:

    for me, RED stuffs definitely shouts “NOTICE ME” that’s why it’s my favorite color kekeke
    sandara park certainly is a head turner!!
    i swear this is the coolest fashion blog ever!!!!!!!!
    thnx unnie!!!!!!1

  5. arzeemendoza says:

    Yes, we can finally afford it!!! BUT… when and where will I wear that lovely hat??? hahaha!!! It looks much better on Dara (and GD too). hahaha!!!

  6. kissyv says:

    I love her red fedora hat!!
    She has been wearing this a lot lately..
    and it suits her style all the time!
    Red Looks Good on her.
    it brings out her milky white skin..
    By far one of my fave hats of Dara..:D

  7. mrsfishie says:

    tell you what, is that the same hat gd wears? i mean same brand?? pls answer thanks 😀

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