NOTE: Please credit me properly, if you decide to post this in your blogs. I have spent considerable amount of time finding these items. Thus, I will not take it easily if you use my finds and claim it as your own.  Please do not even think about it. “RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT”

Hi Guys! I know a lot of you are ready to kill me because I haven’t been able to update this blog regularly since forever. LMAO!

I was very busy (NOT REALLY) with stuffs. As of the moment, I still cannot  promise you that I’ll be able to update regularly from now on but I will do my hardest to do so.

There’s actually two reasons why I made this post. First, Dara was just UBER GORGEOUS earlier (Stylist bless your soul may you have great looking kids in the future).

WARNING: The gif and photos below may cause tears of joy, discomfort‏ and uncontrollable spazzing.

WARNING AGAIN: The following screencaps may lead you to question your sexuality and sexual preference. I am not even kidding. LMAO! 

Credit: As tagged

So what’s the second reason? Hmmm….I just missed you guys (NOT REALLY). The real reason is that a lot of people have been asking if she was wearing a skirt or a short.

Well….sorry to disappoint those people who thought it was a skirt because she was wearing a short.

She was wearing  Ashish F/W 2011 Collection. Ashish is an up and coming designer. His F/W collection was inspired from London punk culture of the 80s.

If the print looks familiar it is because this is not the first time she wore Ashish. She wore Ashish earlier this week and that would be for the next post. As always you know the drill, TIPS AND COMMENTS are love.

THANKS to the very beautiful ITSJUSTMEANDDARA for the TIP.

10 Responses to “GORGEOUS DARA is just GORGEOUS!”
  1. jisparrow says:

    I guess..this is my first time commenting here xD haha! Ive been a silent reader ever since 🙂 LMAO

    So..I just want you to know unni..that I miss this blog so much ^~^ I really hope that you would update often kkkkk~~ Coz this blog is really interesting 🙂 Aigoo~^^ kkk~~

    I’m anticipating the next post 🙂

    weeeeeee. PS. I really love Dara’s look today in Inkigayo. She’s really a Goddess!!! ♥

  2. mydearsofie says:

    always a pleasure to read your blog! amazing skills you got here. how did you find it?

    also, the fangirling is quite obvious. i likeeee!

  3. khacy says:

    wow!!i really thought it was a skirt!!Thanks for the updates!!I love reading it!!

  4. yuji says:

    I LOVE HER GOODBYE STAGE CLOTHES! She looks so cute and gorgeous ^^ I especially think the inkigayo performance shirt she wore was awesome…any idea where you can find it lol? 🙂

  5. kara says:

    please continue to update blog.. tanx^_^

  6. kissyv says:

    One of my favorite “Hate You” stage performance!! 😛
    Because Dara looks so effin’ Sexy!
    Love love everything about her..not like I don’t all the time..LOL!
    I like her huge blouse as well..hahaha..
    Thanks for this wonderful post! ^_^

  7. Kolin says:

    I love this blog too. Super interesting and i love sandara !

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