NO NO NO Dara is not UGLY

CONFESSION: When I first saw 2NE1’s Ugly Promotional Photos. I hated it. I know “HATE” is such a strong word but that’s how I felt. I seriously want to fly out to South Korea and personally do something bad to whoever is styling her.

Yes, I am talking about this photo.

I know the song is all about feeling Ugly and all but this must be one of the WORST fashion concept of all time in the history of KPOP. But just like any other Dara related frustrations of mine I changed my mind when I saw her in live performances.

Credit goes to the owner of these photos.

Dara is GORGEOUS. Thus, she can wear anything and she will still look great (Life is unfair). I kinda get why she got the worst outfit, because the truth is she’s gonna carry the outfit anyway. At this point in time, I wouldn’t care if their styling team would let her wore a sack, a plastic bag & whatever hideous stuff they can think of because at the end of the day DARA IS A STAR (no pun intended) and WILL ALWAYS BE A STAR.

Anyways, enough with my thoughts. Check out what she wore in their Ugly promotions.

Thanks ITSJUSTMEANDDARA for being jjang!

Tips and comments are love!

4 Responses to “NO NO NO Dara is not UGLY”
  1. jangy says:

    me, i liked it! coz i missed her Fire toughness! she was so cool in Fire! and i really have no qualms that she wears these as long as they fit her. i really feel like throwing tantrums whenever she wears something bigger than her size. it’s a no no when clothes drown her. ugh. like that cap, it’s oversized and she has to hold it during performances. grrr! and that JS tape measure jacket and pants. ugh!
    but of course she rocks every style. no problem! (Cha Chi Soo in FBRS style hehe) ^____^

  2. AYODara says:

    Yeah there were a handful of people that didn’t like her outfits for Ugly. I actually liked it, especially her outfit with the bandana. As soon as I saw her wearing the bandana, my thoughts were “Looks like bandanas will go in style again.” No matter what she wears she looks gorgeous to me.

  3. kissyv says:

    Dara is probably the one enjoying this concept the most! hahaha
    Since she loves wearing comfortable ones especially those where she can freely move and wearing boy clothes, =P
    Love her live outfit for UGLY..
    no matter what style, she carries it well..

  4. petitedara says:

    I don’t really hate outfits for Ugly concept, like you said, Dara will always rock everything. Anyway, she looks really cute, here she doesn’t look like a woman who is nearly 30 y.o. yes, life is unfair. lol

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