And so I’m back from Outer Space….

Greetings, Earthlings!

Did you miss me? Kekeke sorry for being M.I.A. (Missing In Action) these past few months. School is definitely my priority and since I am on the last year of my schooling it becomes harder and harder and harder to find these goodies because my focus these days are  mainly divided between my work (Yes, I work. I cannot afford not to work) and school stuff.

So what better way to start these series of posts than what Dara wore in their latest Japanese Single Booklet.

Here eyes is really something

RANDOM FACT: Astrologers call these enigmatic eyes as “SCORPIO EYES” (Blame my inner astrology buff for these random information okay).

 “It’s like gazing into a placid lake – first you see only stillness and surface, and then slowly things unfold, one after another. You are compelled to look closer but you cannot quite get a grip on what you really see. After a while you may get the feeling you’re gazing within yourself too. The key is almost always the Scorpio eyes. The depth is always there, irrespective if the eyes are small and deeply set or large and pouting with emotion.” – excerpt from here

I love the overall styling. Dara is the smallest among the members that is why the stylist compensate it by letting her wear gazillion of layers. I am seriously going gaga over the shirt and if my country is a little bit “colder” I would probably go gaga over the gold scarf too.

Anyways, I love that 2ne1 is staying true to their styling roots even in their Japanese promotions. I love that they aren’t wearing bloomers, laces, tutu, skimpy shorts and the likes.

Thanks to my partner in crime ITSJUSTMEANDDARA for helping me. Love yah jigs!

P.S. Dara-yah I know your inner ahjummah-ness is to blame for you wearing that Alexander Wang Sandals like 20 times in a row now. However, I will personally burn that if you wear it again (Kidding Dara-yah! I love you too much, I cannot do that).

3 Responses to “And so I’m back from Outer Space….”
  1. jecagaco says:

    wow! that super shiny red leather pants is super expensive. wow! you think she owns the pants? because it fits her perfectly. I doubt anyone in YG other than her can fit that same pants. wow! our Goddess is truly living in luxury and she deserves it! ❤ I want that t-shirt too. ^_^

  2. mspterion says:

    Wow! I love her style here, most especially! But really, yeah she should get a new pair of fabulous sandals! Haha. She wears them all the time. I still love her though despite all that! Btw, would you happen to know what brand those gorgeous stiletto lace-up boots (her birthday present from CL, Minzy and Bom) are? I’m dying to know! I just can’t find them 😦

  3. kissyv says:

    hahaha.. Dara loves he Alexander Wang Sandals too much. =P
    but it does look sexy on her, so I can’t blame her..hahaha
    I am in love with her Balmain Red Leather Pants.. and yeah.and please don’ it won’t LOL!
    So that’s why Dara has such expressive eyes..
    Great post!

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