Meet MIFFY! Dara’s PLUGY

When you saw this photo what was running through your mind?

Okay, aside from Dara is so Gorgeous, her nails are just fabulous and her higlights are so awesome.


Nothing else?


Clue: It’s really cute….

Still nothing?

Good. Keep on going…..


YOU GOT IT! It’s the really cute Earphone Jack Plug on her iPhone (I seriously wanted to own one the moment I saw it).

This is Miffy

Isn’t she the cutest? 

Miffy is a small female rabbit in a series of picture books drawn and written by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. Miffy’s original Dutch name is Nijntje which stems from a toddler’s pronunciation of the word “konijntje” meaning “little rabbit”.

Credit: dara_is_my_all

Miffy Accessories Earphone Jack Plug ¥399


Miffy is sooooo Dara. If Dara should have a inanimate character counterpart it should be Miffy. 

Visit Miffy here:


Tips and comments are love. 

3 Responses to “Meet MIFFY! Dara’s PLUGY”
  1. kissyv says:

    kkk..this post is really cute!
    i want one of those as well! hahaha

  2. ftsaraf says:

    Im fallin in love with miffy because oh this! Oh dara is just so cuteeeee 😀

  3. Is this blog not active anymore? But I looooove it! Please comeback! T_T

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