ELLE-loquence at its finest Part 1

The women of YG Entertainment were featured recently in ELLE for their December 2011 issue.

To say that I love Dara’s photos in that shoot will be an understatement. I REALLY… REALLY…. REALLY… LOVE IT TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL.

But before I post about the fashion items she wore, I would just like to share her interview first. (Belle, hope you don’t mind)

Source: leechaelin.com

– My little practice

My me2day, many people today see our stage and feel the power, but I feel that it (me2day) gives people a different kind of encouragement. For example, “A mother of two children, thanked me for raising her hopes and dreams,” like that. It’s so hard to be a singer, and even more to please and be appreciated by others as a person.

– Something good that happened to me recently

The feeling I had during my birthday. We are active in Japan and our schedules on that day were intense, and I was thinking that we’d just eat meat when we go back in Korea. But they greeted me while we were on stage, and then once again the waiting room, and when I thought we were going back home, they threw me a surprise party in a restaurant, making me celebrate it three times. I was deeply moved, more than I was usually.

– How I spend my own personal time

I don’t really like going out to a club and drinking, my only hobbies are taking the car out for a ride and shopping with the kids.

– A hot issue with me recently

The thought that I’m nearing the end of my 20′s is really around a lot these days. It’s different when meeting a man in your 20′s as opposed to meeting him in your 30′s, the love will be a bit different and as I’ve realized the truth just now, I think I’ve become more greedy about it. Also at this age, I want to eat what I want, and also want to give acting a try.

– The moment I remember the most this year

This year, whenever we released a new song, I remember how I worked hard for my “Public Relations Director” title, it’s a sweet thought.

– The title you want to attach before your own name?

Is now the right time for it? I’m a little bit greedy. Ha ha.

Source: Elle Korea Magazine
Transcribed by: Bestiz + Leen
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

To be honest, there are gazillions of reason why I love Dara.  One of the main reason why I LOVE HER is because she is A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE. She is not just some airhead who has nothing better to do than try to look pretty always (but even if she is I would still love her LMAO!).

Okay on to the first photo. 

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! How can this go wrong? Dara + Boots + Dress = PERFECTION OVERLOAD. I love the random Wolf in the photo too (Team Jacob anyone? hahaha)

Thanks to my partner in crime ITSJUSTDARAANDME again and again. Let’s just say she makes my life better.


7 Responses to “ELLE-loquence at its finest Part 1”
  1. mavielita says:

    she’s just…. P.E.R.F.E.C.T! ❤

  2. minimelizzie28 says:

    I swear!!! Everytime i see dara in a skirt with a glimpse of her milky white legs i kinda associate myself to a perverted old hag!!!! Hahaha dara on a dress is just beyond beauty itself…. She’s a goddess personified…

    Tnx u for updating us with dara’s fashion every now and then… And i really love your witty blog… 🙂

    Can’t wait for mama.. I hope she will wear a mini dress which would show case her legs… Hehe just like the one she wore during the nikon 1 cf.. 🙂

  3. akikisetsu says:

    Thanks again! Her expressions are really spot on. Totally agree with what you said, dara + dress + boots means perfection. Hoping for a dress on dara for MAMA tomorrow. ^.^

  4. a woman of substance. indeed. well said. for all her quirks and imperfections, i love her all the more for it. this is by far my favorite photoshoot of the girls. and omg the boots! i want. this woman couldn’t be more beautiful in my eyes.

  5. kissyv says:

    I am in-love with her overall look this photoshoot..
    She just stands out so much, my eyes are just drawn to her,
    that photo is my favorite!!
    Love the dress and those boots! Plus it’s DARA!!
    Nothing could go wrong >3<
    and oh! I also love her hair!!!

  6. petitedara says:

    She is a perfect example as a woman, an artist, and a person…. even if she wears unbranded clothes, her good heart will let her outshine. I love just the way she is ❤

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