WWD (World Wide Dara)

2NE1 was given the honor to be the first Korean Nationalities to be featured in WWD Magazine Japan. 2NE1 also teamed up with the luxury brand Balmain for their photoshoot.

Here’s the deal. I have this love hate relationship with Balmain. I love it because the designs ranges from classic, luxurious designs to modern, edgystyle. However, I kinda hate it because IT IS TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE. I know it’s the main point of luxury brands like Balmain. It needs to be TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE so that not everyone can have it. This makes their brand a must have for all those who can afford and those who pretend too afford it (social climbing anyone?).

Enough with my rant. Let’s go to Dara’s awesomeness.

Dara is a model. She’s not just a singer who pretends to model. She’s a singer, actress, model and a Supergirl all rolled into one. I love her body movements. No awkwardness from head to toe. I also loved the fact that she never had once lost her neck.  One of the biggest photo blunder a model can do is loose her neck.  Dara never did that. Also, don’t get me started with her eyes.

 Oh Boy! She’s out to snatch your soul.

Credit: @ilovegd21, @DARAKOxo21 and @_rashel from OhDara

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4 Responses to “WWD (World Wide Dara)”
  1. elegant, classy and sexy dara ❤

  2. jecagaco says:

    I love the DARA. haha! I love the christian louboutin boots on her. I hope you can include prices too, haha! thanks for this! ^^

  3. AYODara says:

    Dara those legs! The legs we only see once in a blue moon. I like both dresses especially the blue one because it curved nicely. I totally feel you on the Balmain being expensive part.

  4. kissyv says:

    Wow..I can’t keep my eyes off her, those smexy legs are back, and that dress is just pure awesome!! 🙂
    I love both dresses on her..she gives off a sexy, classy vibe on ’em. 😀
    Gotta love them shoes!! *O*
    great post!!

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