10 out of 10


That’s how I can described Dara last November 22nd for YG Entertainment Listing Ceremony in KOSDAQ (Okay, she’s always perfect in my eyes anytime of the day but she was extra perfect on this day).]

It’s sooooooo perfect to a point that each and every hair strand just perfectly fit to the whole ensemble (Hahahaha).

I love that her outfit was just oh-so-perfect for the event. It has a corporate element into it because of her Balmain Double Breasted Navy Blazer. Yet, it is also modern and edgy because of the Balmain Rouge Leather Skinny pants and the print on her Alexander McQueen shirt. 

If I would make a Top 10 Best Dressed Dara Moment, this look will probably be on the Top 3 of that list.

By the way, the Christian Louboutin Big Lips Ankle Boots is too die for.

And don’t get my started on her make up. It was just DIVINE. Simple yet very Beautiful. Very goddess like.

What about you guys? How did you find her outfit? Kekeke Love to hear your thoughts.


10 Responses to “10 out of 10”
  1. Moonily says:

    OMG.. she’s so pretty with that clothes xD

  2. darlyndaraloverr says:

    Can I have that porcelain skin of urs,Dara?

  3. lerc says:

    fabulous i like the style

  4. shoes. I.WANT.NOW! omg, those are gorgeous! i’ve noticed her tendency to wear heels these few weeks. loving it.

  5. Jomi25 says:

    I looooooooooved her outfit & total look! The boots, the jacket, those red hot pants, her hair, everything was just, indeed, perfect! She was a total standout. I’m especially drawn to her boots. I just can’t help but stare at them. *O* Thank you for sharing these finds, unnie! ^^

  6. thanks @sandarparkfasion Admin!..great site as always…

    Dara the fashionista…

  7. sillyhearts says:

    I love her look that day!
    she was absolutely Stunning!
    And those SHOES!!!! *O*
    Red Hot Pants!
    Goddess D!

  8. hesthia says:

    I can’t describe how she looks cuz it’s too perfect I think we need to invent a word stronger than gorgeous or goddess kekeke I superduper love everything about her!! I would love to have that whole outfit! My gawsh very expensive but worth it!

  9. queenieann says:

    i love dara park of 2ne1 and all so her dress

  10. aliciaruiz says:

    Sandara you are so pretty! this Blog is amazing!
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