C for Clavicle and Clio

Hey guys! Wassup!!!! After being M.I. A. for over a year, I am back. Anyway, enough about me and my absence, let’s get down to business shall we. I tweeted this to my twitter friends (personal twitter account that is) that I will not post any update unless I will get a confirmation of DARAMA. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I have to break that because I cannot pass up on the opportunity of posting about Dara’s newest cosmetic endorsement CLIO and her oh so gorgeous CLAVICLE.


GURL! YOU LOOKIN MIGHTY FINE HONEY. (insert ghetto accent)

Oh Dara Baby! I don’t understand why you are still single. You’d be doing the world a HUGE favor if you propagate. You need to REPRODUCE right now! I MEAN RIGHT NOW!!!!! (please don’t kill me).

Okay back to business, she was wearing this  J.W.Anderson Waffle-knit merino wool sweater showing off her GORGEOUS clavicle and if I may add her neck. That out of this world neck that looks sumptuous (Not that I see Dara in that light okay. I am straight. Or am I? I am not sure really when it comes to Dara).

Whoever styled Dara for this shoot, bless you and bless your children, grandchildren. I am sure your future descendants will be blessed too for doing this.

sweater sweater2

J.W. Anderson Waffle-knit Merino Wool Sweater £627.89

I personally cannot wait for DARA x CLIO team up. I am thankful for Etude for bringing out girly Dara. However, I think it is now time for Dara have a mature image and the best way to do that is to endorse a cosmetic brand that caters to women ages 25 and up.

One more wish for this year is DARAMA. YG, I am looking at you boy. Here’s to a DARAFIED 2013!!!!!!!


7 Responses to “C for Clavicle and Clio”
  1. Wee…. i really miss this!!! This is like Dara Heaven when it comes to her fashion, and also your oh so obvious love for Dara which i suppperrrr like…You put words in my mouth!!!! Dara is perfection personified and yes, she needs to have a hot boyfriend/husband/lover right now!!! (Or maybe she already has, we just dont know it…lol)

    Anyways, i hope you Keep updating more!!!! More More More!!!!

  2. Mercy Reyes says:

    Next to 2NE1, yours is my most anticipated comeback….can you do a retro review of her (almost all)
    spot on outfits, i trust your opinion…pls…pls…pretty pls….

  3. zarah says:

    Why dara cant do the drama im hoping this year she will.thanks and more power…
    i cant wait her clio ads….

  4. maryjhaneolivas says:

    hi!Dara keep up the good work..more power, i wish u can make a drama with lee min ho,i love it, Bagay na bagay kayo:))

  5. hyuwhieyl says:

    Girl! I miss reading your wonderful finds and commentaries.^^

    The color looks gorgeous on her!

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