Black BOLTer



Long time no post.  I am still not sure if I will be fully back now. However, one thing I can guarantee is that I am not going to abandon this site. This is my baby.

Anyway, I decided to post an update because this piece of clothing was very hard to find. Been looking for this for roughly 2 hours straight. Hahaha…It was frustrating but I didn’t give up (talking about determination…well done Daphne).

So, this piece of clothing is from Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s diffusion line JC/DC. Think of JC/DC as the counterpart of Versus from Versace.

Going back to Dara. OMFG!!!!! She’s blonde now (I know spazzing over it here seems very late but…yeah…whatever). I think any hair color/style will suit her since she’s practically a blank canvass. She can rock the bald look if she wants to (Dara if you are reading this for the love of unicorns please don’t go bald…ever).

This is the “girliest” Dara we have ever seen for a promotion cycle and I hope the stylist decides to continue with this styling for their next song and the songs after. I mean come on…she’s a FEMALE too. I am very happy that they are letting her wear dresses that complements her very tiny frame. She doesn’t look too small and too thin in these kind of dresses (clap…clap to their Stylist).

Lastly, if you are wondering why I choose BLACK BOLTER as the title of this post. It is because the strap of the dress is in a form of a LIGHTNING BOLT (I am clever like that). LMAO!!! I should end this post before I embarrass myself further. Till next post (I have no idea when T.T).

Always and forever thankful to my partner in crime Jigsaw!!!!

Screencap credit goes to ForeverWithDara in twitter. Thanks!!!!

2 Responses to “Black BOLTer”
  1. jesikarae says:

    Love it! You should check out my new fashion blog as well! ❤ Jesika

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