House Of Dara

Annyeong!!!! Sorry for being MIA. Honestly, the reason for lack of updates is a personal one (Unfortunately, I cannot divulge any information because this is not the right platform for me to do so. This is Sandara Park fashion blog for goodness sake). So how are you guys? ¬†Well…IFREAKINSAWDARAINREALLIFE!!!!! She is sooooo beautiful and she … Continue reading


NOTE: Please credit me properly, if you decide to post this in your blogs. I have spent considerable amount of time finding these items. Thus, I will not take it easily if you use my finds and claim it as your own. People would know where did you get those stuff since I posted earlier … Continue reading

Dara is like a boy

Wassup! First, I want to apologize that I wasn’t able to update this blog yesterday. I have a really good reason for that and that is I have to prepare since I had an exam yesterday. Eventhough I am a CRAZY FANGIRL, school is still my first priority. Now, majority of the time (and if … Continue reading