10 out of 10

PERFECTION………… That’s how I can described Dara last November 22nd for YG Entertainment Listing Ceremony in KOSDAQ (Okay, she’s always perfect in my eyes anytime of the day but she was extra perfect on this day).] It’s sooooooo perfect to a point that each and every hair strand just perfectly fit to the whole ensemble (Hahahaha). … Continue reading

WWD (World Wide Dara)

2NE1 was given the honor to be the first Korean Nationalities to be featured in WWD Magazine Japan. 2NE1 also teamed up with the luxury brand Balmain for their photoshoot. Here’s the deal. I have this love hate relationship with Balmain. I love it because the designs ranges from classic, luxurious designs to modern, edgystyle. However, … Continue reading

NO NO NO Dara is not UGLY

CONFESSION: When I first saw 2NE1’s Ugly Promotional Photos. I hated it. I know “HATE” is such a strong word but that’s how I felt. I seriously want to fly out to South Korea and personally do something bad to whoever is styling her. Yes, I am talking about this photo. I know the song … Continue reading

Run Dara Run!

NOTE: Please credit me properly, if you decide to post this in your blogs. I have spent considerable amount of time finding these items. Thus, I will not take it easily if you use my finds and claim it as your own. People would know where did you get those stuff since I posted earlier … Continue reading

Airport Fashionista Dara

Yipeee!!!! Woot! Woot! 2ne1 is currently in Japan to formally start their Japanese promotions. The girls arrived in Japan at around 2PM and  my oh my Dara looked so chic. Goddess D after arriving in Japan updated her me2day posing like this “Wassup?!? ^.^ We’ve arrived in Japan! Darong’s airport fashion concept for today is … Continue reading

Finding Mr. Louboutin

Dara attended “Finding Mr. Destiny” movie premiere last November sporting another creation of Mr. Louboutin. She was extra gorgeous that night. She dressed up really really well and everything about her was perfection that night ( I am a huge Dara fangirl so please don’t tell me to stop fangirling about her or it will be … Continue reading

Warning: Another Loubs ahead!

Okay so I’m back!  (unfortunately not with a vengeance).I remembered a few days a go, Dara updated her me2 with her copying “the thinker” (Dara style?). My oh my, she was sporting a really gorgeous sneakers. Her kicks was  from Christian Louboutin’s 2010 Spring/Summer Collections, named Louis Spiked Flat in Beige and it costs US$ 1095. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

Dara is a fashionista! Or not!

Hey y’all This is my first post and I am posting the newest me2day update from our Gorgeous Goddess D. If you have been following YG family, you would know that they are big Christian Louboutin’s fans. Who can blame them right? In her me2 she was talking about being a failure fashionista since she … Continue reading