E for ELLE-gance

OHHHHHMYGAHHHHHHHDDDDDD!!!!! Scream….Shout…..Crazy Dance….Scream…Rolling on the Floor….Shouting while doing the crazy dance. Guys! I am spazzing toooooooo much because it has always been my dream for Dara to do a photoshoot where she looks normal, elegant and lady like. Let us all bow down our heads and observe a minute of silence for the GORGEOUSNESS of … Continue reading

ELLE-loquence at its finest Part 1

The women of YG Entertainment were featured recently in ELLE for their December 2011 issue. To say that I love Dara’s photos in that shoot will be an understatement. I REALLY… REALLY…. REALLY… LOVE IT TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL. But before I post about the fashion items she wore, I would just like to share … Continue reading