Happy Socks



M.M.I.F (My Mouth Is Full)

If you are wondering why i used an Internet Slang as a title it’s because all of Dara’s accessories are from M.Y.O.B (Mind Your Own Business). I thought it was fitting to use another internet slang pertaining to Dara’s gorgeous and yummy photo.

The End

Budweiser x Dara

Disclaimer: We also found a VINTAGE Tank Top with similar material. So…we cannot guarantee that she was wearing a swimsuit. On a side note, LOVE that she is actually wearing an authentic VINTAGE item. Always and forever thankful to @jigsaw_03

Awesome Twosome

Skittles x Dara

Black BOLTer

AHHHHHHHHHH…. Long time no post.  I am still not sure if I will be fully back now. However, one thing I can guarantee is that I am not going to abandon this site. This is my baby. Anyway, I decided to post an update because this piece of clothing was very hard to find. Been … Continue reading