Happy Socks


M.M.I.F (My Mouth Is Full)

If you are wondering why i used an Internet Slang as a title it’s because all of Dara’s accessories are from M.Y.O.B (Mind Your Own Business). I thought it was fitting to use another internet slang pertaining to Dara’s gorgeous and yummy photo.

The End

Budweiser x Dara

Disclaimer: We also found a VINTAGE Tank Top with similar material. So…we cannot guarantee that she was wearing a swimsuit. On a side note, LOVE that she is actually wearing an authentic VINTAGE item. Always and forever thankful to @jigsaw_03

Awesome Twosome

Skittles x Dara

10 out of 10

PERFECTION………… That’s how I can described Dara last November 22nd for YG Entertainment Listing Ceremony in KOSDAQ (Okay, she’s always perfect in my eyes anytime of the day but she was extra perfect on this day).] It’s sooooooo perfect to a point that each and every hair strand just perfectly fit to the whole ensemble (Hahahaha). … Continue reading