Wear it like Beckham (not David but Victoria)

YG Family (2ne1, Big Bang and Psy) as well as the finalist of Superstar K Season 2 got together last November for Arena Magazine. Everyone looked their best but since I am bias my eyes were glued to Goddess D. I love that she looks healthy and my oh my look at those legs (they are meatier now and I am so happy for Dara yey!).

Dara wore AZZEDINE ALAÏA from head to toe. I love the simplicity of the whole ensemble. Plus, her milky white skin makes the outfit works. I love Dara fierce/intense  YOURNOTGOODENOUGHFORME pose.



Unfortunately, I can’t find any decent pictures of the dress. However it is believed that the dress is a modified version that first appeared in his Fall 2007 Collection. He officially released it in his Spring/Summer 2009 Collection which is also available in white. One of the first celebrities who wore the dress was Victoria Beckham.

Okay, just for fun let’s do a who wore it better:

Take your pick.


Yes, I am Dara bias but bias aside I think Dara looks better. Victoria is one hell of a fashionista but Dara looks better in this one. How about you? No bashing please.

4 Responses to “Wear it like Beckham (not David but Victoria)”
  1. BlackjackBelle says:

    Hmmmm. I like how the belt Dara wore broke the would-be-too-black ensemble. Besides, it accentuated her milky white complexion. So I loved it more on Dara. ^^

  2. bianca says:

    lol @ the title! anyways Dara got my vote, not because i love her! it just that the way Victoria wore hers, it looks boring! and i also love the shoes that she paired on this 1, hope that the stylists always let her wear dresses, but then again, Dara must disagree on this!

  3. ccn10 says:

    Dara Park hands down. London

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